I Can Has Meat?

On days that we drive John to work I try to plan something fun to do. No point driving down there and just turning around and going home. On Lilo days we go to the lake or the park. On non-Lilo days it’s the zoo.

I had planned on going straight into story time but was distracted by men with a ladder hanging meat from a pole in the tiger enclosure. Oh this would so be worth waiting for. Unlike when we waited for the lions to devour a pinata.

Mr. Tiger did not disappoint. He came sauntering out of the gate and went straight for his breakfast.

I think I might have to send these to icanhascheezburger.

Totally worth missing the first part of story time, especially because the little farm house was way over capacity with kids, moms and nannies. It was packed to the point of being unsafe. We tried to enjoy it but I don’t think we will try it again until the temps drop and people are too lazy to go out.


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