Jon Spiegel 50th Birthday

Every year Jon hosts a huge musical extravaganza to celebrate his birthday. He has played with numerous bands over the years and the members would reunite for the party and special guests from the local scene would join in. One year some of the guys from Foreigner showed up giving me the opportunity to yell “Dirty White Boy!” over and over. Some years it was almost like a vaudeville show with plate spinners, clowns and dance acts.

Part of the tradition was that he would have two large bottles of vodka frozen into blocks of ice-one for him and one for his guests. My job for many years was the Shot Girl. I would wear fabulous wigs and outfits and sit on stage offering shots to the musicians and guests. Sometimes I would dance in a cage. And every 15 minutes I would pour Jon a shot and then a glass of water. Every 15 minutes. From 7:30pm until at least 1am. Every 15 minutes. It was exhausting for me and I don’t know how he managed to keep playing slide guitar after that much alcohol. I did this for I forget how many years-it was an honor and a tradition. Then he got a wife and I got worried that I would kill him or that she would kill me if I kept offering up the drinks. I tried adjusting the time between shots, tried tricking him with water…she was happy, he was pissed. But seriously, I was afraid I would kill him. A shot of vodka every 15 minutes for at least 6 hours was not a good idea. That was my last year as the official shot girl.

I missed the party for a few years but Sunday night we were back in the game. There is not shot girl or guy anymore, but I poured him one for old times sake. It was a great night of music and memories. Happy Birthday Mr. Spiegel!


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