Does Anyone Really Blog Anymore?

I am back!!! So over a year ago something glitches and thisisbabbleon disappeared. Server error, problem establishing database-it was gone. And I panicked. And I cried. I had lost what, almost ten years of my life? I tried to fix it. My husband tried to fix it. We couldn’t make it happen. And let’s be honest. I am not great at dealing with things that horribly stress me out so I just kept shoving it down into the back of my mind and pretending that it didn’t matter. And then the other night I was just like, “Let’s do this!” I made Husband John pull up a chair and we just sat down and started to try to find the error. But now I couldn’t even get into the account through my host, GoDaddy, and had to call the customer service line about the email problem and the Universe gave me the best rep ever and 27 minutes later, I am back!!!

Thisisbabbleon LIVES!

Today I am sitting in my office trying to get a feel for being connected again after being gone for so, so long. I went through my links and realized that almost all of them were completely dead or had not been updated for a year or more. So. Do we still blog anymore?

I know this is not a new question because even before my big server error I had fell off the blogging path. Facebook and Instagram stole most of my focus with their quick and easy outlet for expression. But there are some stories that wanted more space, some photographs that needed more pixels. And not being able to blog made me want to do it more.

Things have changed in my life again. All of the kids are in school full time leaving me with a few quiet hours, five days a week. The first week of school was a logistical nightmare in transportation land. The second week I would drop them off and come home and crawl back into bed, relishing the freedom of sleeping alone in silence. Now starts week three and it is time to set some goals and find out who I am at this stage in my life. Let’s see if “Blogger” makes that list.



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