Thank You Caring Bunny!


We are starting to learn more about the “perks” that are available to families like ours and one of them is them is the Caring Bunny hosted through Simon Properties.”Caring Bunny is an opportunity to connect with multitudes of families that have children with autism and other special needs, providing a more controlled and welcoming environment to visit the Easter Bunny Photo Experience!”

It was great! For the first time in forever we were not only on time for our session, but early! We thought we were scheduled for 8am but really it was 8:15am and we arrived at 7:40am! Unheard of! But they let us in early for snacks and art projects and once Mr. Bunny was ready they let us go first. So not only did we have our private scheduled slot we had the entire place to ourselves for a good 20 minutes!






We are not big mall shoppers so the only times the kids have been in a mall were for Caring Santa in December and a birthday party in February. That’s only two times but two times is enough for them to learn about the Lego Store! They were very excited to go so after Caring Bunny we played in the kids indoor playground and walked around until it was finally 10am and time for the Lego Store to open!


The doors should be open!

But they were not. So we waited…

And waited!
Finally the woman came out to tell us that the stores opened at 11am! Oh the disappointment! We had killed time for 90 minutes and there was no way we could survive another hour in the mall. There were lots of tears but we told them that we would go for a ride and come back. Here is disappointed Canyon and River waiting while I got coffee..


So we made it out to the van and I ran into Target while John took the kids to get gas and then it was finally 11am!


One of the cool things about our kids is that so far they haven’t realized that you can buy things at The Lego Store. They kind of see it as a play space. But that doesn’t mean Canyon doesn’t try to convince us to buy him things…


Nice try, Kid!


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