Our family loves the Exploritorium in Skokie and we love a bargain. That means we usually only go during the Buy One Get One Free Happy Hour which is Friday’s from 3pm-5pm. While we are at home I always say I want us to be there right at 3pm, so we can play for the full two hours and get our money’s worth. And then we are always running late and I start to freak out in the van, complaining that the kids are missing out on play time. When we finally get there at 3:45pm I am annoyed that we have missed out on 45 minutes of fun. By 4:10pm I am already exhausted and overwhelmed by the noise and activity and can’t wait till it’s 5pm and they kick us out!


River and Raven love the giant lite bright!


It seems like just yesterday that the twins were so small and relegated to spending their time in the toddler play area or by the light board. Now they are so independent that they go all over.

They spent some time at the coloring table…


Raven has become very social, making new friends.


And this was the first trip where they discovered the water play area!







And here’s all three kids playing together…whoops! There went River!


John encouraging River to check out the tunnel under the waterfall…

Canyon has his ducks in a row…


We have this same rocket in the back yard but River never wanted to play on it. Now she loves it!


They close at 5pm and we played until the last possible minute. John grabbed River and Raven and I said I would lure Canyon out and meet him at the van. Canyon had other ideas. And raced for the giant climbing structure and disappeared inside! The staff is extremely chill and just kept cleaning up while he played. Finally I decided I better try to get him out.

Here’s a bit of video of me trying to get him to come down from this three-story climbing structure.

In the end we had about 15 extra minutes of play time. That boy sure knows how to get his moneys worth!!!


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  1. Stumbled on your blog googling exploritorium and “lite brite”.. Fellow Chicagoan here and I need to take the kids somewhere today before mama goes crazy! Great post and great blog! I’ll be stopping by often!

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