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Rock Stars

8.20.12 Gooseberry Falls State Park


Canyon Climbs A Cliff

Canyon Jay decided he wanted to climb up a rock cliff over Lake Superior.

So we let him!

John of course was right behind him, but Canyon wanted to climb up on his own. And he made it up to the top.

It’s not the highest of heights but it was pretty sizable to a 3.5 year old!

We were so proud of his strength and daring that we didn’t think about how to get back down! It was a steep, slippery climb back down with John trying to keep his balance and hold on to Canyon.

They made it down safely and as soon as his feet hit the rock beach Canyon ran over to another rock face and wanted to try again! My little adventurer!


Canyon, River & Raven


We went to Gooseberry Falls.


Raven Jay-Lake Superior Boy

Oh how my little man loves Lake Superior!


Stoney Point

By late afternoon we were ready to take the kids into Superior for the Head of the Lakes Fair. We like our fairs at sunset so that we can enjoy the twilight and watch the lights of the Midway. Then we found out it closed down at 6pm! What the heck kind of town shuts down a fair at 6pm on a Sunday, especially on the last day?! Damnit.

New plan time. When all else fails we go to one of my favorite spots on the Northshore of Lake Superior-Stoney Point! I love it there, but for someone reason it sends Canyon into a complete panic. We don’t know what it is, but the moment he realizes where he is all hell breaks loose. I tried to carry him to the water, thinking that once he started throwing rocks in the water he would remember how much he liked it this winter but instead he just melted down. John carried him back to the van and woke up the twins to see if they wanted to play. They did!


Wood Frog

John and Canyon spotted a Wood Frog in the fire pit, but it took off before John could grab it. So he chased that poor thing all over the yard!

It was pretty fun to watch!

Canyon wasn’t that interested in the frog once we finally had him.

But Lilo was!


Back To The Woods


That first morning of vacation was perfect. Back in July I couldn’t even walk out in the woods behind my Dad’s place because the mosquitos would swarm and attack after about 30 seconds on the trails. But not that day. That day was perfect for a long morning walk.

Lilo was so happy to be back.

So was I.

Look at this tiny little fellow! I think he is a Spring Peeper.

Lilo got bored with me and went back to the house to hang out with everyone else. I went further into the woods.

I lost myself a bit. In a good way.

The property has all these great pine trees which have formed these magical little rooms in the woods and field. You know that wild animals hang out in there, shaded from the elements and the sight of humans. If I lived there I would totally build a fort inside.

The family started wondering where I was. John probably thought a bear got me. Nope. Just wandering.

Eventually it was time to return to reality. I can only imagine the look on my Dad’s face when I came out of the woods with my crazy fairy princess crown. I think he said something like, “I expected as much.”

I wore it almost all day.


Bonus Trip to Minnesconsin

When we left Minnesconsin in July I thought that we wouldn’t be back until January or February. Wrong! Since we did not have jobs holding us in place (and I never really got around to unpacking from the last trip…) we loaded up the van with kids, dog and stuff and headed back to my Dad & Mary’s!

Canyon is easy to entertain on long trips. He likes to look out the window. Doesn’t even want to play with the iPhone or iPad. Just likes to look out the window. But he did like the oak branch with acorns that I picked up off the ground at a rest stop!

He’s so fun! We kept the branch on the visor to add some nature to our trip.

Sunset stop in Black River Falls and the famous Orange Moose!

He was really rocking that sunset.

And back on the road.