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A Few Last Looks At May

I may talk smack about living in the city but I am grateful for my back yard. Yeah. I let it go pretty wild in some places…

River and Raven are so mobile and so into putting stuff in their mouths that we have deployed pack n plays to keep them safe…

It’s like a little baby zoo!


Fresh Produce Babes

More coordinating babies!

I love Fresh Produce clothing for kids and picked up the green jumper at a rummage sales when Canyon was a babe. Then last summer I bought River’s dress at a rummage sale before she was born. And this week I unpacked them and realized I had the perfect outfits for boy girl twins!

Perfect outfits for perfect twins!

Here’s the link to Canyon wearing the outfit at about 7 months old.



The play lot has a really nice, giant sand box to play in. But of course Canyon decided the baseball diamond with it’s super fine, super sticky dirt was much more fun.

He looked like Pig Pen from “The Peanuts”!



Last Friday we met up with our friends Catherine and Augie for a play date at Kolmar Play lot-a park we go to quite a bit. Nothing remarkable about the day until two nannies started to screech…snake!

Snake? Snake!

The nannies, Catherine and I show our kids the snake and we try to figure out what it is and basically, is it dangerous. I have never heard of dangerous snakes cruising the parks of Chicago but you never know what exotic pet irresponsible folk might decide to set loose upon the city. Alligators in the river anyone? I wanted to pull out my phone to search for the snake on the internet but Canyon was running off again and my desire to keep my kid safe was stronger than my curiosity.

Well a Grandma at the park also had a strong desire to keep her kid safe and Catherine caught her stomping off toward the snake with a giant rock from the landscaping and a big stick and calls out, “Don’t kill it!” The woman pauses for a moment but then moves toward the snake again, “The children! The children!” We convince her that the snake is not dangerous but she insists on moving it away. By flinging it with the stick. Repeatedly. I felt so bad for the poor snake but I couldn’t leave Canyon to go over and try to help.

Catherine said, “that lady is really biblical.”

I looked it up later and it is just a normal garter snake. They do bite when threatened but are not poisonous.

Poor little thing just picked the wrong day to sun himself by the swings.


Good Morning, Super Canyon

Canyon and I like start start and sometimes end our day out on the porch swing.

The light comes through the trees in…in…in a peaceful way? A beautiful way? A pleasing way? Yes. A pleasing way.

John and I bought the blanket in Mexico. It has been in a tub in the garage for many years and it makes me happy to see it on a daily basis.


Twins Kickin It, East Coast Style!

I like to dress the twins in coordinating outfits sometimes. It entertains me.

On this particular day it was East Coast!

High Kick!


Raven Jay-9 Months, 21 Days

Oh My Raven Jay! My Pork Pie, My Sweet Baby Ray Ray…

There is something about Raven Jay-the way he is built or something, that when I pick him up it’s like a little puzzle piece clicks right into my soul.

He is finally able to crawl on his belly like a little soldier sneaking through enemy lines. It makes his belly dirty but he gets where he’s going! A few times a day now he manages to make it up on his knees for a second or two so I think by the end of the week he will be crawling more confidently.

He loves to be outside. Especially at 3 in the morning because he is not a great night sleeper! For the last few months he has been waking up around 2am and then stays awake for a good chunk of the night. Not sure why. Maybe gassy, maybe hungry, maybe uncomfortable or maybe he is just so happy he doesn’t want to waste too much time sleeping! Some nights John takes him down to his swing so he can sleep there while John sleeps next to him on the couch. The other night I took him out to the porch swing for about an hour. We just swayed away in the warm breeze, listening to the breeze tinkle the wind chimes and rustle the leaves. It would have been magical if I hadn’t been so tired!

Swings are super fun!

He is a very happy little man!


River Luna-9 Months 21 Days

Oh My Little River! She is such a strong baby! She can crawl, pull her self up to a standing position, climb stairs, climb furniture, etc. We can’t use the baby rockers anymore because she finds a way to squirm out so it is all pack n play from here on out.

of all three kids she is by far the best sleeper. Just curls up next to me and is off for the night.

She is super happy, loves to laugh and thinks we are hysterical.