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Good-Bye For Now Lake Superior-Wisconsin Point

Final stop on the Good-bye For Now Tour-Wisconsin Point. We arrived in Wisconsin just before sunset and headed out to my favorite beach-Wisconsin Point.

back in the van and back home to Dan & Mary’s…


Stoney Point, One More Time

My third and final stop at Stoney Point this trip.

So peaceful. Canyon wanted to play in the water. Yeah it was February and freezing cold but a little boot dipping wasn’t going to hurt anyone!

And with that we got back on Highway 61 and headed South toward Wisconsin…


Gooseberry Falls-February 16

We tore ourselves away from Bluefin Bay and started heading South. First stop-Lilo and I wanted to take a walk to the water at Gooseberry Falls State Park. John waited in the van with the sleeping kids while I started the slow process of saying good bye to Lake Superior for a few more months.


Bluefin Babes

Oh Bluefin Bay. Four nights of perfection.

When traveling in winter with three little ones and a dog you need a room that is special enough to keep you happy and entertained because leaving it is so much work.

Everything we did in that hotel had an amazing view of Lake Superior. Everything is better with a view of Lake Superior.


The Deck…

At Bluefin Bay we rented a two story condo with two bedrooms, two jacuzzi tubs, a fireplace, a full kitchen and a deck with an amazing view of Lake Superior. Now Canyon loved the tubs and the fireplace but the number one attraction was the deck. As soon as we entered the room he ran down the stairs and headed straight for the deck door and managed to open both locks and run out onto the deck. We are so lucky that we were on the second and third floor and that the deck was child safe because Canyon ran out on that deck all day and night. He would wake up in the morning, run down stairs and out onto the deck in his pajamas. He would laugh and wave at the lake, singing her songs in his magical Canyon language. In the snow, in the cold, in the dark-Canyon wanted to be outside by the lake.

After his run outside he would come back in, all smiles, and warm himself by the fire.

John and I started copying him. Canyon would be sitting on the couch and one of us would spontaneously jump up, race out the door and dance out on the deck inspiring him to follow us and do the same.

Having to say good-bye was hard on us both.

I always say I want to win the lottery so I can buy a little place on Lake Superior. I know most people dream of tropical islands, homes in the South of France or exotic travels. For me the grand prize is a life on the shores of the greatest lake.


Minnesota Gnome Babies Invade Grand Marais

I like to think The Babes look like little magical gnomes and Lilo is their Guardian Wolf…

“It’s 37 degrees. In February. In Grand Marais. Lilo went wading in Lake Superior. In February. In Grand Marais!” That was my status update. Yeah, it was crazy warm!

ANother of our traditions is to get a Folkmanis puppet on our trip Up North. FOr example, in 2008 it was Marais the Mouse. This trip We found a Folkmanis bear puppet at the thrift store! Score!

By the time we left town everyone was asleep. So I pulled over and enjoyed the view for awhile.

This is me being melancholy about having to leave a place that I love…

I would love to live in Grand Marais. So if anyone hears of a good job for me or John…or if I could just write that epic tween trilogy that adults go ga ga over…


Grand Marais-February15

We are creatures of tradition and every winter trip to Bluefin Bay we head up to Grand Marais on a Wednesday for the lunch buffet at Sven & Olie’s. And then we take family photos in the same places. This year our family a wee bit bigger…make that two wee’s bigger!


Sunrise, Moonset-February 15

Oh the view from our room at Bluefin Bay…The view from my bed…

And I could just walk out on the deck to enjoy the sunrise and the moonset…

This crow/raven would come every morning…