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Nom Nom Nom Giraffe

This ridiculous little rubber giraffe is named Sophie and she is $20. I of course got it at a rummage sale for a $1. Canyon never teethed and never was interested in this trendy little item. But the twins LOVE her. Now I need to hunt down another so I don’t have to watch the sad, longing looks of one twin while the other gets to nom nom nom on this tasty toy.


Purple Hat Girl

I bought this hat at a thrift store back when Canyon was a babe, hoping that it might not seem to girly on him. It was. But I kept it anyway and now it is perfect for Miss River…


Duluth Days

We broke away from Wisconsin and spent two nights at the Inn on Lake Superior in Duluth. We got our usual room, a corner suite that gives us a small deck on Lake Superior and views of the Aerial Lift Bridge. When we opened the door Canyon raced right for the deck, flinging open the door so he could run out and look at the lake. He loves Lake Superior. He loves the moon. He loves being outside and if he can’t be outside he likes to look out the window. It wasn’t long before he figured out how to undo the two locks and the security chain so he could go out on the deck whenever the mood struck him. So every hour or so, maybe more, he would just turn and go out onto the deck-no matter how cold-so he could admire the lake. I like to do the same things so we brought a blanket out with us.

Our first night there I wanted to take Lilo and Canyon for a walk by the lake at sunset. I really did want to take both but John and I thought it would be easier to just take Canyon. I felt bad leaving Lilo but it would be nice to have some time alone with Canyon. He loved running down the hall, riding the elevator and the walk outside. Then the cold wind hit him and he wanted to go back inside. So all the way back to the room we went. Lilo was waiting for me by the door with a very self satisfied look on her face. “How do you feel about your choice now?” her doggy eyes said sarcastically. “I know, I know, ” I said as I grabbed her leash and headed out into the chill with a much more eager partner.

Just in time for sunset.

My friend John was driving up from the cities to visit us and arrived earlier than I had expected and we made plans to meet up at the hotel. I knew I had to go in and get ready but the lure of the lake and the impending moon was too strong and I sat on a rock and quacked at ducks and waited for the moon.

Then the moon was taking too long so I started to walk back to the hotel in the near dark, expensive camera around my neck and iPhone lit up in my hand. I noticed a man walking directly toward me-black coat, black knit hat pulled low on his face and I immediately tensed up, getting my “don’t mess with me” face on. Then I saw his face. John! Not husband John-friend. I decided not to kick his ass and gave him a hug instead.

Husband John was happy to stay in the room with his kids and beloved internet so Friend John and I went down to the hotel patio to make s’mores.

What was harder to capture-John smiling or the moon in the background?

We hung out in the room and ate Vintage Italian Pizza and drank New Glarus beers. Good times!

Friend John and I talk on the phone all the time-like teenage girls used to talk on the phone before text messages-but it was nice to be in the same room talking. Plus he had only met Canyon once before and had never seen the twins. A short visit, but a good one none the less.


Hanging Out At Grandma & Grandpa’s House

John and I made our first trip home to my Dad’s place in Northern Wisconsin in September of 1999. Those first few years we would come to visit my Dad and Step Mom Mary, but would spend most of our nights in town visiting my old friends, going to the bars and events. I would sometimes feel bad that we weren’t spending enough time with Dad and Mary but they were always so laid back about it. They just needed to know if we were going to be home for dinner. I don’t remember the year it started to change, but slowly over the years we started spending less time in Duluth and more out on Lake Minnesuing. Now driving the 30 minutes into town seems more like a million miles away. (Of course it’s all perspective. Our first morning in Wisconsin I drove 62.5 miles round trip for maple fried cinnamon rolls. But damn those are some fine baked goods.) This trip I missed some great concerts and events but I was just too tired to leave John and the kids and make the drive alone.

If you are going to sleep in the blocks you are going to become part of the game…

Canyon made himself right at home…

And so did The Babes.

I really do have some amazing road trip kids (Lilo included). All of our routines and attempts at schedules completely thrown out the window and no one skips a beat.

Yeah, my Daddy’s rockin a Threadless T…

I started off snapping those photos to show the world that my Dad likes to go outside and fill the bird feeders or do snow removal barefoot. Then I looked down…

At night I like to slip on my Dad’s slippers and go out on the deck to look at the stars, the lake and listen for animals in the woods. It’s my little moment of zen.

Staying out at Dad & Mary’s is so comforting. They feed us well, hold our babies, and spoil our dog. We spent two nights in Duluth at a hotel which we normally do, but this year we were not tempted to add an extra night or even ask for a later check out. We were ready to head back into the woods. Back home.


And A Partridge In Some Kind Of Tree

Big old puffed up partridge hanging out in a tree at my Dad’s place. I of course wanted to take his picture. He had a bit of an attitude.

“Make a partridge family joke, I dare ya! I DARE YA!”

It was ridiculously cold so he was all puffed up like a balloon in a Thanksgiving Day parade…

Normally partridge are skittish and wouldn’t let me get up so close. I think this guy just didn’t want to give me the satisfaction of photographing him flying away. I got cold before he got bored of the game so I gave in before the wingspan shot.

This is how I entertain myself on vacation.


Tie Dye Babies


Sunset Moonrise Lake Superior February 7

We plan on trips home to Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota around the full moon. Tuesday we drove out to Wisconsin Point to watch the sun set and the moon rise.


Little Old Souls

Sometimes River and Raven seem like little old souls trapped in wee little bodies…

These photos make me feel like they are British and are sitting by the sea and the air smells like salt water and fish and they have taffy in their pockets and after the sunset they will head down to the pub for fish and chips.