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Kele De


Sick Day

Poor little Canyon man has a horrible cold and cough. We kept him home from co-op today which is always a bummer since he only gets to hang out with other kids two days a week. We spent the morning playing in his room. The wind gusts here today were crazy so watching the trees blow around was entertaining.

We created a new game. Turn the elephant humidifier on high to watch the cold mist pour out and then turn on the fan to watch the mist go all crazy.

Random shot of his stuffed toy bucket…

Tonight his cough is so phlegmy that it is kind of grossing me out. I tried a nice steamy bath to ease the congestion but it didn’t seem to help too much. Poor little monkey. I cancelled his therapy appointments for tomorrow but have high hopes that he will feel better for co-op on Thursday!


Isn’t She Pretty In Pink


The Last of Thanksgiving

This year I realized a few things.

I realized that I seem to have forgotten how to spell Thanksgiving because everytime I have typed it this season I spell it “Thankgiving”, as if I only have one Thank to give.

I realized that it is not cooking for a crowd that stresses me out, it’s cooking for a symbolic holiday that turns me into an irrational bitch. I thought that I would have been more relaxed about cooking the feast since we were not having any guests but no. Started off wearing an adorable turkey hat and ended sulking at the table because I felt that I had not lived up to the high Thanksgiving expectations that were only in my festive turkey wearing head.

Canyon’s contribution to the meal…Little People in a salad spinner…

Place assorted vintage Little People into salad spinner…



John said it was Canyon’s political statement, that no matter who you are, mustached cowboy, dude in captain hat, girl with braids, dog, other dog…we are all part of this big mixed up world and need to learn to get along. I am less deep and more topical. I called it “Occupy The Salad Spinner”. (insert season with pepper joke here)

I realized that my big electric turkey roaster does not seem to have proper temperature control. I always suspected that it was cooking too high but this year I am sure. I put a stuffed, 14lb bird in at 12:45pm and thought dinner would be around 5 at the earliest, but more than likely I would be serving us up bird around 6pm. Took a nap, came down at 4:15 and the amazing, no antibiotics, naturally raised turkey that I had lovingly stuffed and slathered with garlic and sage butter was collapsing on all sides it was so done. It was almost like I had steamed it rather than roasted it. Time for that roaster to hit the road. It takes up way too much valuable storage space to not make a fantastic fowl.

It still tasted great.

The new 90210 made fun of the classic tissue paper turkey but I still think it adds a delightful festive nature to the table. And side note, that show is ridiculous. The kids are all so freakin stupid that it is positively infurtiating. So infuriating that not even the Annie is a prostitute story line is making me happy. Shame on me for watching that crap. But they will not shame me out of my tissue paper turkey!

I realized that Canyon LOVES him some double layer pumpkin pie.

I am thankful that November is almost over so I can put away the Autumnal decorations. The pumpkins are moldy, the gourds are rotting, the faux foliage is dusty and the real leaves I kept bringing in the house are now spread all over and are disintegrating in little piles of decay decor. A few more days of this and I will need to rake the house rather than Dyson the house.


The Babes First Thanksgiving

Two new beings for me to be grateful for…Gobble 1 & Gobble 2!


Big Bird for Thanksgiving

Oh know! Kele De and Shaylah killed Big Bird!

The kitties overheard me saying that we needed a big bird for Thanksgiving dinner and they decided to help…

Reminds me of this cartoon…where the Sesame Street gang serves up their special bird friend.

Sigh. It’s 10am. I guess I should get off the computer and start making dinner. If we were having company I’d be screwed right now.


We’re Still Havin Fun

Canyon and I still know how to have a good time. Today it was jumping on the bed.

And we sang “Hold Still” from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Then I found a kazoo…

When John got home tonight and saw our bedroom he said, “I assume Canyon threw everything off the bed?” and I had to admit, that it was Canyon and me!


Raven Jay -111 Days Old

Rock on, Chicago!