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Halloween Breakfast!

Starting our holiday off with themed pancakes!

Probably shouldn’t have put the banana lovin boy in charge of the fruit. He ate the whole banana before it had a chance to end up in the batter!

Today’s pancakes had strawberries, banana and chocolate chips. Whenever I make pancakes I think of my Uncle Harley who passed on a few years ago. He always made the best pancakes and would throw in whatever fruit he had on hand. Apples, bananas, berries…they were always delicious. Mine might not be as perfect as his but they sure are cute!

Boo Baby! River looks a little ghostly!

Reaping the rewards of our hard work…

Today all food will be served on Halloween themed plates and the children will be dressed in Halloween attire at all times. We take this day very seriously around here!


Lilo & Raven

Sweet, patient dog!


A Kiss With A Fist

This series just cracks me up…


Raven Contemplates Whatever It Is Babies Contemplate…

Oh Raven, why so serious?

Believe it or not, we never thought of the tag line “that’s so Raven” when we first named the boy-not even for the first few weeks. Now we think it all the time. And then I think of this…

Zach Galifianakis-“Sometimes I do things and I think “That’s so Raven.” Other times I do things and I’m like “That’s not so raven”


Bird Bath Baby

Yesterday was probably one of our last warm days for awhile so I spent the afternoon taking some photos of the babes. Started off with gourds and the next thing you know poor River is almost naked in a bird bath…

She wasn’t too happy at first but by the end was having a good time!


My Babies Are Gourd-geous

Trying to wrangle three little ones into a photo shoot by myself…challenging. But still fun!

The Babes need some work on their posing skills but Lilo is an old pro…

She’s all like, “Let me show you how it’s done…”

The Babes say, “Oh No! Mama is decorating us with gourds!”

Lilo goes, “Get that gourd away from me!”

And Canyon’s all like, “I’m getting rid of this gourd once and for all…”


Apple Cider

I bought John a giant jug of Seedling Apple Cider as a special treat but it has just been languishing in the fridge. Then this morning I was suddenly inspired to make steel cut oatmeal but instead of water I used the cider. Brilliant! Mixed in some cinnamon and a pinch of brown sugar and it was delicious!

I enjoyed my oatmeal with some Hazelnut coffee-both in pottery I made myself. I felt like a homesteader!

But only if the homesteaders served their kids breakfast in a Little Mermaid bowl with a Diego spoon…

And dressed their kids in awesome purple monkey pajamas…

The oatmeal inspired me to look up a few more recipes to finish off the jug with. I am thinking of the apple squash mash for tomorrow.


Still A Bit Of Summer Left In Us

Fall is spreading itself out and we try to take advantage of the warm weather for as long as we can with lots of outdoor play time and backyard fires. The last few afternoons Canyon has stayed out well after dark, playing in the yard. We have raked leaves, had fires and just enjoyed the fresh air. Canyon doesn’t understand that colder days are coming but I do. Today I was sitting on the couch with the babes and looking out the window, dreaming of snow even though it was 74 degrees and the windows and doors were all open.

I know I will regret it, but I haven’t taken out the garden pots and containers yet or put away the summer decorations. I should do it while it’s still warm but I hate feeling like a murderer, dumping out the annuals before they have died off. So many of my plants are still holding on and I still enjoy them. I like walking out in the yard and rubbing my fingers together on some lavender and then breathing in the sweet scent. I still run out to cut herbs for dinner. There are still blooms on the fuschia and the petunias.

I know the day is coming (Thursday night) where the temps will drop into the 30’s and I will be frantically trying to clear up containers before they freeze and break. Every year I wait too long and suddenly John and I are running around outside in freezing temps, usually in the rain, bringing in the geraniums and herbs for the winter and packing away toys and the “good” wind chimes. Canyon’s sand and water table will need to be brought in to storage so it doesn’t crack. The sand box should be emptied and put away along with the swings.

But for now we’re holding on to summer as long as we can, even as we rake up the leaves and unpack the sweaters.