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Beach Boy



Our favorite little carnival rolled in to town last week and we made it over twice.

They have the world’s greatest corn dogs. Seriously.


30+ Weeks and Life’s A Beach

On Monday evening I convinced John to haul Canyon and me out to the beach for some swimming and fun. OK, I wanted to swim and have fun and thought Canyon would too. I knew John wouldn’t-couldn’t even get him to wear his sandals let alone swim shorts. But last summer Canyon was crazy for the beach and I thought for sure this time would be no exception.

But it was. He wanted nothing to do with the water. He didn’t seem scared, just not interested. We would set him down at the waters edge and he would turn and run towards the grass. Sigh. But I couldn’t wait to go swimming!

So I know some women would be too embarrassed to be seen at my size with my belly in a swimsuit. I am not that woman. I have adjusted to life as an over weight woman in a swim suit many years ago so it didn’t bother me. But I am also not going to post any photos of that belly in my normal swimsuit! I figure there is no point in spending a fortune on a maternity suit so I just slid one of my old suits on. Luckily I had lost a lot of weight before getting pregnant so the suit fit but it was still form fitting and left nothing to the imagination. I waded out into the freezing lake and was just starting to relax when John called me back to shore. Poor Canyon was miserable that I was “leaving” and was sobbing hysterically. So back out I came just as two teenagers were coming in. Their eyes widened when they saw my belly emerge from the water and they were whispering and pointing. I smirked and grabbed my belly. “I’m pregnant. Twins” I mumbled. But my facial expression said it all, “Yes, I know I am terrifying.”

Finally it was time to go home.


30 Weeks

Whoo hoo! 30 weeks a long and all is well! Canyon was born at 28 weeks and weighed just 2lbs, 12.85 oz. As of now both twins are bigger than that! It feels so good to have confidence that if they did have to come early they would both have a good chance at turning out like this handsome little fellow…

Canyon is a happy little manlet who has no idea what he is in for! We know he likes babies and is good with them but there is no way to prepare him for the big changes ahead. I try to point to pictures of babies and then to my belly but let’s face it, he has no understanding of that. All we can do is be there for him when the time comes and try to be as supportive and loving as we can be with the added pressure of newborn infants!

He handles changes and transitions really well so I hope that this is something that he can be happy about.

Now I am trying to get used to all the crazy motion in the ocean of my tummy! Canyon was so small and constricted in my belly that I rarely felt him move. But these two are going crazy! The other night we were watching television and my whole stomach just started lurching and shifting. It was terrifying! I feel so immature and un-mama goddess like, but I am totally freaked out sometimes! Yes it’s wonderful but it is weird.

I can’t do all the things I want to do but I am grateful for what I can. 30 weeks and I can still lift Canyon when I need to, can walk to the water at the dog beach and enjoy the sunset.

Grilling is getting hard on the pregnant belly. Our grill is in the back yard, down about 6 steps. Now that doesn’t seem like much but by the end of cooking a great meal I am exhausted and my belly is tired. John is going to look for one of those little mini grills that people take on picnics and set that up for me on the top of the deck. I would have to make smaller meals but at least it wouldn’t be so physically taxing. I love John, but cooking is not his strong point! He is great at doing the shopping, cleaning up, etc-but just not the cooking part. Plus it is one of the things I really enjoy. I don’t miss going to the basement to do laundry but I would miss cooking.

And grilling up lean meat, fish and vegetables is good for the one thing that is making this pregnancy troublesome=gestational diabetes. Two placentas is messing up my poor pancreas and we can’t get my blood sugar stabilized, even with the insulin I inject morning and night. I eat the same things at the same time each day but one day my sugar will be too low from it and the other too high! It’s frustrating, but none of it is baby threatening high or low so I just keep working on it. It is what it is.

And right now it is 30 weeks! High five! And we really, really need to go car shopping. Otherwise we will have to drive everywhere in shifts somehow. I keep thinking it is like that riddle about how to transport the fox, the goose and the corn across the river… No, it will not come to that but seriously, we need a bigger car. And now I need to go to sleep!


Kind Of Bored On The Fourth of July

Fourth of July and Facebook made me feel like we were the only people who didn’t have a cabin, a family reunion, a pool, a lake or a big BBQ with friends! What we did have was the neighborhood park parade, a lazy-ish afternoon and a rather impressive fireworks show provided by the neighborhood.

The only reason I like going to the parade is I like having a use for our patriotic outfits.

Canyon had serious/sardonic/pensive face on for most of the day.

But he did ride his little scoot car through parts of the parade and wave his little flag for about 6 seconds…

I did fire up the grill and make tilapia tacos. Which would have been delicious if the entire neighborhood wasn’t grilling up steak and burgers. Tilapia is tasty but no amount of salsa and guacamole is going to make it taste like a thick ribeye or a juicy burger!

At 10pm I was loving all of the fireworks in the neighborhood. I love fireworks but think they are too dangerous to shoot off ourselves and even if I didn’t fear losing an eye or an appendage I am way too cheap to drive to Indiana and buy the good ones. So we went out on the front porch and enjoyed the show from the porch swing and the sidewalk. There were some amazing displays! For this neighborhood not seeming to have a lot of money I think there was an awful lot of cash on display in the sky.

I can’t believe we never got it on video, but Canyon loved imitating the sounds of those high-pitched squealy ones. Good points for Lilo and Canyon not being phased by loud explosions because it sounded like a war zone out there. 360 degrees, surround sound explosions of sound and light. Again, kind of awesome.

By 11pm I was totally sick of fireworks and just wanted them all to shut the hell up.


Getting Ready For The Heatwave…

The heat index is supposed to hit 105 today so we were planning ahead. Yesterday evening Canyon and I pulled out the swimming pool we bought on clearance last fall and inflated it for the first time. What on earth did we do before electronic air pump thingies? Then came the fun part, filling it up with water!

Canyon’s first time being in charge of the garden hose! Now I want to teach him to water the garden.

So we were filling it all up last night so it would have a chance to warm up this morning. But the water looked inviting so we tried to get in..but way too cold so Canyon just enjoyed running naked through the yard and splashing from the side.

Then it was time to snuggle up in his giraffe towel…

We have central air so as long as the power stays on we should be comfortable. This morning I will send John to the store for food that doesn’t require cooking and I have a huge jug of water cooling in the fridge, ready for some cucumber or lemon. Got to stay hydrated! I think we also might need some more Ben & Jerry’s. Canyon and I are in love with Bonnaroo Buzz. He doesn’t usually get excited by sweet treats but he sees me pull that little tub out of the freezer and he comes running, pulls up a chair and opens his mouth! I like it because it tastes like coffee and whiskey-two things a pregnant lady misses!