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Low at Millennium Park

On Monday we headed down town to see Low perform at Millennium Park.

There are so many reasons that John would hate to do this under normal circumstances-he hates downtown, crowds, live music, being outside, etc. Add to this the fact that he is pushing me and Canyon in a wheelchair and then being the only person who could watch Canyon through the hour and half show…yeah, not fun for John.

I really want Canyon to get to see shows and have fun but seriously, he watched the show for 60 seconds and the rest of the night he ran as fast as he could away from us and John had to chase him. Then he discovered the security doors that opened automatically and wanted to go through those and cried when John tried to drag him away. Then he wanted to climb in the security cart and spin the steering wheel and cried when John tried to drag him away. Repeat these things for about 90 minutes and you have John’s fun night out.

The only time John got a break was when Canyon sat in my lap to suck down his bottle.

But I had a great time! Comfy seat in my wheel chair, tasty sandwich, great sound and perfect view of a band I love!

The last song was one of my favorites, “When I Go Deaf” and I got a wee bit teary.

On the way home we did something John likes to do. We went to Target.


Florence and Neko

When I was first settling in to being pregnant I thought about things I would want to do before another baby came. Lots of things came to mind but two of the biggest were spending the summer on the beach with Canyon and seeing a few good concerts. So this spring I planned ahead, thinking I would be free to see concerts at least through June so I bought tickets for three shows-The Airborne Toxic Event, The Twilight Singers and Florence and the Machine. I stalked pre-sale codes and emptied my fun budget but got the tickets! Then came the major game changers-twins. My summer of freedom became my summer of taking it easy. Sigh. No beach unless I could drag John along and no concerts unless I wanted to deal with a wheel chair. Arg.

The Airborne Toxic Event has the best fan support team and they were kind enough to refund not only my ticket price but also the credit card fees when I explained my situation. This is a great example of taking care of your fans and the joys of not selling your tickets through Ticketmaster. Now The Twilight Singers was weird because I KNOW I bought tickets through the presale but for some reason my card was never charged and I never received tickets. Problem solved. Now Florence was the saddest loss for me. I have been in love with her album since January of 2010 and was counting the months to her show. I held out on selling the tickets, thinking that maybe I could go in the wheel chair but the reality is that the Aragon is hot, crowded and it would not have been a good decision to try and go. So bye bye tickets.

I was so disappointed that I didn’t even want to listen to her album anymore. But then Jo Ellen e-mailed on Facebook. She had won tickets to a WXRT’s Studio X concert with Florence at The Abbey Pub. She had seen my Facebook status about having to miss the big show and offered me her plus-one for this intimate show. It was perfect! Less than a 100 people, we had chairs to sit in and we were 8ft from the stage. Sure it was just three songs and an interview, but it was special and I got to see an artist I really love.

Only regret-we were not one of the first 40 to arrive and didn’t receive the special poster. Lately I have started framing some of the special prints from shows that I have seen and this would have been a nice addition. I was hoping someone would post one on Craigslist or Ebay but no such luck. Boo.

So if seeing Florence on Saturday wasn’t great enough, the next week I entered a contest to see a private show with Neko Case at the new Poetry Foundation building and I won! Another intimate performance with an amazing female singer? It was all too perfect! John usually works on Saturday nights but this one he had off so Karin and I were able to have a night on the town without kids-something we haven’t done in about 4 years. Oh, I know exactly when it was…July 15, 2006.

We had no traffic on the way downtown and got princess parking right in front-and we used my disabled permit so we didn’t even have to pay the meter! Since that was so easy we had time to get a cup of coffee and just catch up before the show. How nice to wear a pretty dress and hang out downtown for a night. How nice to attend a special event for an amazing organization (that I had no idea existed until this week) and with such a great act. Again, small space, maybe 75 people and just Neko and a guitar player. The show was standing only but Karin is a great friend who got the organizers to bring me a stool so I could sit for the show. Which was a good thing because it was so hot and I never could have stood that long. Instead I got to lounge in my tall chair and enjoy the show from the back-perfect. She performed for just over an hour and then as we left we were given gift bags and a special commemorative poster-which I will frame this week and add to my Cloud Cult and Retribution Gospel Choir prints. See, makes me want that Florence one all the more!

Then on Monday we went to Low, but more on that later. So my concert-less summer has turned up 3 shows so far and it’s only June 30. I guess it’s not going to be such a bad summer after all.

Now to get John to take us to the beach…


Canyon-Age 2 Years, 3.9 Months

He is one heck of a happy kid!


28 Weeks

28 weeks into the pregnancy and still going!

Canyon was born at 28 weeks so I feel pretty relieved that I have managed to keep two babies in this long. I alternate between feeling really optimisic and really terrified. And my belly is so big already! I never really felt or looked pregnant with Canyon so this is all new to me. The twins kick and move all the time which is so bizarre. I actually yelped in surprise one night because it was such a weird feeling!

So we have made it 28 weeks. Big breath. So far there have been no signs of trouble but everything had been fine with Canyon and then woosh-water break at 26/27 weeks. So my team is being very cautious. They have me on progesterone 17P which is a hormone to prevent premature labor. Of course it’s only proven to work in cases of single pregnancies but they thought it was worth trying in my case. The gestational diabetes is back-one of the side affects of two placentas-so I am on insulin. I hate shooting up twice a day. It’s a huge pain in the tummy but we do what we have to do. We’re still trying to find the right dose so there’s lots of monitoring going on. I see my doctor every two weeks and have ultrasounds once a month. I have a disabled parking permit and a wheel chair. I take it easy, but I can still take care of Canyon which is great because we can’t really afford to hire someone this early in the game!

So now the goal is 36-37 weeks which places baby arrivals around August 19. It seems forever away and right around the corner. I think I am still in denial about the reality of having twins. All of my emotional and mental energy is focused on keeping them in my tummy so I haven’t had much of a chance to think about what happens when they are out! We need to buy a mini van and another car seat. We need a double stroller. Eventually they will need cribs but at first they will sleep with us so that can wait a bit longer. And I still have to decide where to put them. We have a three bed room house and right now the third bedroom is my office. I love my office. It’s all pretty and decorated the way I like it. I don’t want to give it up and move into John’s office down stairs! But I feel bad trying to shove three kids into one room just so I can have my own space. Then I think about all the people who raise three kids in a much smaller space than ours and feel even worse. Sigh. We’ll see. There’s still time to decide how that will all shake down.

I have started picking up girl clothes at rummage sales and on Zulily. Just a few things so far but they do make me a bit giddy with the cuteness of it all. Last weekend I bought a tutu and a Little Mermaid princess dress. Yay!


Back To The Play Lot

So much to write about but so little awake time! So I will resort to posting photos of my adorable kid.


To The Playlot! (But First Some Rummaging!)

One of the mom’s from Canyon’s co-op was having a rummage sale and offered us up a sneak peak. How could I resist? So Canyon and I hopped in the car at 4:30 and braved the heat for a sale. When we got there a handful of other mom’s were already tearing through all of the adorable girl clothes and the toys. Immediately I saw that the worlds cutest Hannah Anderson jacket was already spoken for. Sigh. It would fit Canyon now and then be perfect for the twins. I’ll admit it. I was a little bummed, sulky even. Plus it was hot, Canyon wanted to run and it was almost too much.

But we persevered and Denise brought out her adorable girl baby clothes-all like brand new and some were beautiful English cotton. Her clothes reminded me of what I would have got from Claire if I had decided to breed sooner. Canyon picked out an adorable toy grill and it was time to total up. And then, just as we were about finished the other mom decided to put back the Hannah Anderson jacket! Joy! I swooped it up and controlled my urge to do a happy dance. I love this jacket. Pictures will follow if it ever cools off again.

Cuz it is hot here. And yet I decided to stop at the little playground on our way home. Started off as a great idea.

We were both having fun. But the super active older mom was playing “prisoner” with her son by chasing him around yelling, “get back here prisoner!” and then showing off that she could hang from the monkey bars for like, ten minutes or infinity or whatever. And the parents who kept leaving the gates to the street wide open. There’s big heavy gates for a reason people. Some kids like to escape. Some kids like mine. So I had to keep watching to make sure Canyon stayed more interested in the cool equipment than the thought of playing Frogger in the street. Luckily he was having a pretty good time on the slide.

Then I started to realize how hot it really was out there. And that Canyon had on long pants and I was wearing all black. And oh yeah, that whole limited activity thing. It was time to go home.

Canyon did not agree. I had to pick him up and carry him kicking and screaming the whole way to the car. Where he cried for about 6 blocks. Then we came home and he took a long, bubbly bath and I had a cold shower.

And all was well.


Last Light Of June 1st in the Garden

Last light on the Bleeding Hearts…


Coleus and Curled Parsley

Spotted Dead Nettle


Forgot what you are called, just thought you were pretty…

For all these things I am truly blessed…