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Nathaniel and Hannah

Remember these two cute kids? That’s my nephew Nathaniel and his girlfriend Hannah. They were visiting while on break from St. Olaf and asked me to take some photos.

Outdoor photo shoot in 10 degree weather, full sun and blinding white snow? Let’s go for it! Off we went to the North Park Nature Center.

Next time I hope they visit in summer!


Canyon’s First Big Blizzard

Just chillin in a snow drift…


The View From Our House

Not quite as exciting as the morning view of Lake Shore Drive…


24 Hours Later…

We got a lot of snow. The wind was the scariest part. I kept cheering my trees on, sending them encouragement to survive the storm. John worked until about 7pm which left him taking public transportation to our main street and walking 2 blocks home into the wind. He was slick with snow by the time he arrived. The wind was so strong that he had to take down our snow man flag and tree decorations before coming in. My favorite blue sparkly ball had already blown away. (moment of silence for blue sparkly ball). Once John was home I could enjoy the storm a bit more.

Things that bummed me out:

1. Thinking about the kids who’s only meals come from the school. With school cancelled, what would they eat?
2. The people stuck on Lake Shore Drive
3. Wishing I lived closer to the lake so I could see the waves

Things that I was happy about:
1. My family was home safe in a warm house
2. We have a garage
3. Our power stayed on

The next morning it was time to shovel and play. Lilo likes to combine the two activities!


The Calm Before The Storm

We knew it was coming.

Lilo and I dropped Canyon at co-op and John at work before heading down to the lakefront. Yes, the lakefront. The day the blizzard was scheduled to arrive.

I knew that once the snow started we wouldn’t be able to travel down to the lake (about 4.5 miles from our house)and I wanted to at least see the water that day and give Lilo a chance to stretch her legs.

It was COLD. Painfully cold with the wind coming off the lake.

Lilo made friends right away. It takes a certain type of dog and a certain type of dog owner to come out and play in temperatures like that and those are usually the types of dogs and owners that we like.

It wasn’t that long before the icy wind was burning my face and the frozen ground was hurting Lilo’s paws so we headed back to the car. I drove us down to Montrose Harbor to see if the waves were picking up yet. The snow had already drifted in enough that I had to turn on the 4 wheel drive to get around.

The birds were preparing for the storm.

I wanted to stay longer but there were errands to run before the storm and before I picked up Canyon at 2pm. We left the lakefront and stopped at Trader Joe’s for a few things. Congrats to Trader Joe’s management for being prepared for all of the crazy storm shoppers. Everything was stocked and they had staff replenishing inventory as fast as it was going out and all the check out lanes were open. I rewarded myself on a day well done with lunch at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe (cubano sandwich and a goat cheese empanada!)

I got back home and couldn’t find the garage door opener. Crap! At one of my stops by the lake I had heard a clink! when I got out of the car to take a photo and I had thought it was just Lilo’s leash clip hitting the door. Now I was afraid it was the garage door opener. I didn’t have time to drive back down to the lake before picking Canyon up at co-op but the thought of driving down there again after 2pm made my chest hurt. I had heard the warnings of what Lake Shore Drive was going to be like during the storm and
I had this crazy, almost irrational fear of being on Lake Shore Drive around 3pm. I had heard the warnings and I have seen what a great lake can become in a storm and I did not want to be a part of it, especially for an item that could be replaced. I found the garage door opener a few minutes later-I had knocked it under the seat with a bag while trying to squeeze the groceries in the car after a woman in a large SUV parked inches away from my car in the Trader Joe’s lot.

I picked up Canyon for co-op and we were home safe and sound by 2:30pm. The snow started falling within the hour. And it didn’t stop until the next day…

Within a few hours I would learn that it wasn’t so irrational to stay clear of Lake Shore Drive!