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Hipstamatic Temperance River State Park

I’m starting to experiment with the photo apps on my iPhone. The problem with using my iPhone when it’s freezing out is that I have to take my gloves off to use the phone-the swipe pad doesn’t recognize fabric. So when my hands get too cold I have to use my nose!


Canyon and Lilo

I love my kids.


Canyon Of The Great White North


M Is For Minnesota

We recreated this photo shoot from one year ago. It is amazing to see how much Canyon has grown! And how much harder he is to wrangle…


Vacation Snuggles

We have been home a few days now from vacation and real life has kept me from catching up with the blog here. After nearly 12 hours on the road I was happy to be home but I miss Minnesota and Wisconsin. And I miss having all the time in the world for snuggling!


My Man & My Dog…


Winter Family


Isn’t It Grand…

In high school some friends and I use to get bored and drive to Canada. It was about two and a half hours from Superior, WI to the border. We would stop at Sven & Ole’s for pizza and then continue on up to the border. Cross over and just come on back. This was back in the no passport needed days. I guess I haven’t changed much in the last twenty years because that’s still what I like to do. Except now it’s not see easy to cross the border so we just get up near the edge. It’s kind of anti-climactic to say, “we drove up to the edge of Canada” but we still do it every year.

We drive. We get coffee at the trading post. We turn around and go back.

We like deer. We like to make them have conversations with us. “Why are you out here?” they are saying. “Don’t you know it’s freezing out here?”

We sat down by the Cascade River to wait for the sunset.

And we were back at our room at Bluefin Bay in time for a quick family shot in the fading sunset…

I know it doesn’t sound like much but it was a great day. Or should I say “it was a GRAND day” since we hit Grand Marais and Grand Portage? Grand it is.