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Father’s Day

We repeated our Father’s Day celebration from last year so it looks like we have a tradition. Brunch at Flat Top Grill!

If you have never been to Flat Top Grill for brunch then I am sad for you. I don’t usually care about brunch places because I find the wait to be long for just kinda good food. Two exceptions to that-Nookie’s and Flat Top Grill. This now reminds me that I haven’t been to Nookie’s FOREVER. We use to live just a few blocks away and ate there all the time. Haven’t thought about it in however long and now I won’t be able to get it out of my brain.


Saturday Nights

The heat had calmed down by around 7pm so Canyon, Lilo and I decided to take a walk over to Independence Park. I had been pretty grouchy and annoyed and figured that a walk would do us all good. Stopped at Redbox on the way. This is how out of sorts I was. I rented “Dear John”. I also rented “Youth in Revolt” but that was more like me than “Dear John.”

We got to the park and Canyon immediately goes for the mulch to start digging. Lilo went for the ball. I went for the people watching. There was a twentysomething couple sitting on a blanket drinking from paper cups. He was playing guitar and she was reading “She’s Come Undone”. Two little girls who live across the street from the park were searching through the flower and shrub beds for their “magic key”. One of their “mean friends” had thrown it in. I loved the idea of a magic key. Even after they left I searched. I wanted to find it, write a note in glitter saying that the fairies returned it and leave it on their porch. I also wanted to ask when their rummage sale would be because last year I got a lot of great Canyon clothes and a rotisserie oven from them.

Not so surprisingly, by 8pm there was no waiting for the baby swings since most of the families were gone. Lilo was patient and hung out with the stroller so Canyon could have some swing time.

On the way home the fireflies came out and I said hello to every one.

As we crossed Elston a woman in her thirties looked at Lilo, Canyon and me and smiled a smile that said, “she has it all!”

And I do.

In the end we walked around for almost 2 hours. And I wasn’t grouchy anymore.

Until I watched “Dear John.”


Super Zoo Picnic!

One of the benefits of a membership to the Lincoln Park Zoo is free tickets to the annual picnic!

Horrible storms blew through Chicago that afternoon but by 6:30pm the skies had calmed and it was a delightful night for walking through the zoo.

Canyon had his first carousel ride! We started with the seal.

He met Elmo…

He was too little for the bouncy maze so John helped him bounce on the edge…

Just when you least expect it, Hippo attack!

And he rode the carousel again, this time with the Whooping Crane!


First Dog Beach Visit Of The Summer

We love the dog beach, but it sometimes is challenging to deal with annoying or aggressive dogs and their irresponsible or aggressive owners.

Just this last month a dog was shaken killed. Now that Canyon is not a tiny burrito securely wrapped in a baby carrier it is all the more nerve wracking. We are totally respectful that this is first and foremost a dog beach, but it is nice to all enjoy the beach as a family. I just need to find a way of transporting Canyon that doesn’t leave his body parts open for biting or scratching!

This day I realized that it was just too risky to play with Canyon on the beach so we split up-John and Lilo at the beach and Canyon and I up in the grassy area where all I had to do was avoid dog crap and not dog teeth.

Canyon got a wee bit dirty!


Canyon Loves To Get Dirty

Entertaining a baby all day by yourself can get challenging. Luckily Canyon is easily entertained by dirt, sand, mud, water, etc. Just let him dig away and then pop him in the tub!

Why yes, I am a dirty baby!


A Sneak Peak At The Sanctuary

I think I am going to start calling my back yard the Sanctuary. Or the Haven. Or something like that. Cuz it’s more than a yard to me. It’s also not ready for the season. We are switching out Canyon’s play equipment for something more age appropriate, need to do some more mulching, refinish the picnic table and finally, the tree trimmers are coming on Wednesday to take down some dead wood and clean up the Mulberry trees and Magnolia.
But it’s coming along!

He loves me! Or he loves me not! Interpret as you will.


NICU Reunion

On Saturday Illinois Masonic hosted a NICU Reunion for the “alumni”. ( For those of you new to this blog, Canyon was born at only 28 weeks and spent 48 days in the hospital. NICU is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

It was a lovely party with live music, food, face painting and t-shirts. It was also really hard for me. I was instantly emotional and had to walk over to the edge of the room to choke back sobs. I was overcome by memories, overcome by being in a room full of parents who knew what it was like to have their birth plans/expectations taken away, knew what it was like to not be able to hold your child, be alone with your child, take your child home, etc. But I was also in a room full of babies and toddlers who fought like hell to survive-and did. I wanted to hug them all and say, “good job!”

We didn’t see many staff that we recognized or any of the parents we knew from the hospital, but it was still nice to be in a room of people who would understand the experience. It also made me realize that I would like to find a support group to share all of this with.


Less Gas More Ass

A Facebook acquaintance tipped me to Saturday night’s Naked Bike Ride and it sounded entertaining, but I figured Canyon would be fast asleep by 11pm and I didn’t want to wake him and drive him down to Fullerton/Ashland/Clybourn. But when he woke up on his own at 10:15pm it was go time! John picked us up on his way home from work and Lilo, Canyon, John and I headed down to see the riders.

And oh what a show it was. I had a hard time finding photos I could post here. In some cases blurring was done to protect the sensitive.

Why yes I did have to blur his blue no-so-private parts!

He was pretty…

Lilo, what did you think?