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Go Laurie Go…to the Cubs Game

Joe asked me to be his date for yesterday’s Cubs game and while I am not the biggest sports fan I am a Joe fan so I accepted the offer. My sister was able to watch the little monkey for a few hours and John was able to take a half day off an d take over when she had to go to work so I had no excuse to stay in. Canyon was very supportive and encouraged me to go by wearing his Cubs uniform…
There were tons of babies at the game and I just think that was a little crazy. I don’t think Canyon would find sitting in the hot sun for 3 hours a great way to spend an afternoon.
Joe and I had a good time…
Mostly we drank beer, chatted and eavesdropped on the people around us. The dude in the pink shirt was trying to be a professional poker player but was only 20 so he couldn’t get into the casinos so he currently plays on-line. I also learned that Cubs fans hate Soriano and that you clap when they take the pitcher out of the game. It was the end of the third inning before I found out who we were playing. I wondered aloud why someone would name their kid Milton Bradley and then commented aloud that the woman who named her kid Canyon was wondering why someone would name their kid Milton Bradley. I was also eyeing the Cubs teddybears that the kids in front of us had. Joe had tried to get one from the promotions ladies but you had to be under 14 to get one and they would not be budged by his charm or tales of Canyon. We considered waiting until the end of the game with the hopes that one of the little boys would forget his bear that was shoved under the seat, covered in peanut shells, but I realized that I would not tempt bad lost toy karma so I could never steal the bear. So we left during the 8th inning.
I have never left early for fear of missing something interesting but since I was taking two busses home I thought this would be the time. A Friday rush hour bus is bad enough, but a friday rush hour bus full of Cubs fans would be a little more than I could handle.