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Things I Like On the Internets

the other night John was playing X-Box Live with Canyon on his lap so I had the chance to brainlessly surf the web-which we all know I love. Here are a few things I found…

I think this is a pretty good list!
The Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History

Weird Gossip Girl spin-of which kind of creeps me out

Joss Whedon crossword puzzle

A little Hillary kickin ass to get the morning started

You can lose yourself here- JacksonPollack.org

Silly, happy duck story

I am glad I finally reached out to Allrockkitty because she hooked me up with lookaththisfuckinghipster. Living in Chicago gives us plenty of opportunities to look at fucking hipsters so this made for a very entertaining drive down Clark and Belmont way. John and I used that line at the hipster skateboarding(poorly) in his purple suede blazer, ironic sunglasses and hippy hair and numerous others. I wonder how many hipsters submit pictures of themselves?


Canyon & Lilo

Now that John is back to work I needed to learn how to handle Canyon and Lilo at the same time. Our first trip was to Recreation Drive. I am learning to use the Mobywrap so I carried Canyon in that, but it felt a little awkward. I just didn’t feel like his tiny body had enough support so I still supported him with my hands. He worked to hard to be healthy, he doesn’t need me dropping him and messing it up! I had the chuck-it and the ball so Lilo had everything she needed. Then it was baby feeding time and that was a bit challenging-feeding Canyon and throwing the ball at the same time-but I managed it! Until Lilo tried to give me the ball and it bounced down off the ledge and rolled into the water before she could catch it. I had just congratulated myself on being super mom when that happened and then all I could picture was Lilo diving into the lake after the ball. Luckily she’s a smart dog and left it-she even seemed to understand when I told her that we would go back to the car for another one once I finished feeding Canyon. Normally she gets really upset when she loses the ball but that day she played it cool and just frolicked around sniffing things while she waited.

As a whole Lilo is settling in with Canyon pretty well. I know this sounds crazy, but Lilo and I had a good talk the other day and I explained that she was still loved, that this was not going to turn into some Lady & the Tramp scenario and that we would have lots of fun with me staying home with the baby. I swear she understood because she seems much less pouty. But she’s still not ready to snuggle the baby. As seen here-
I think these need some funny captions.
I did see a little progress today. When Canyon, John and I returned from rummage sales we set Canyon down in his carseat on the kitchen floor. Lilo did come over to say hello to him, no enthusiastic kisses, but a definite hello! In the beginning we had to force Lilo to even get near him..


Happy To Report a Healthy Baby


Canyon had his second pediatrician appointment. Our pediatrician is the head of Pediatrics for Children’s Memorial Hospital and she has pronounced Canyon a perfectly healthy little boy! Such a relief to hear after all that we have been through. She also said he was incredibly cute but we already knew that!
I think he seems very wise here…
He’s wearing a really comfy gown from John Hachtel and family. It’s one of those fancy organic ones. And I have to say it is pretty dreamy!


Settling In Continues

So it’s been over a week since I updated the old blog which is a pretty long time for me. I bet most people just assume it’s because we are exhausted/enamored/engulfed in parenthood. This is partially true. Having Canyon home is pretty amazing. He really is a delightful little monkey that basically eats, sleeps, eliminates waste and makes these awesome little goat noises. And sometimes, just sometimes, screams like a baby teridactal. These are just some of the reasons.
Add to this the intoxicating freedom from not having to be at the hospital. While Canyon was incarcerated we were always torn between personal care and being there with him. I would take a few trips to the beach or park with Lilo, but the whole time I felt guilty for not sitting there in the hospital with him. Any time spent away from him was like a nomination for bad mother glaring over my head. Now that he is home I can relax and start to enjoy things again.
Last week Lilo and I went to the park in the rain and just walked for about an hour. It felt so good to be outside in the fresh air and knowing that Canyon was happy and home with his Papa.
We have gone to the park as a family unit and enjoyed having Canyon snuggle up in the mobywrap thing that Jo Ellen gave us…
And we ran errands, went to restaurants and worked around the house. I get the benefits of the pregnancy nesting only I am not weighed down by third trimester baby weight and pains. Instead I am fully healed from the birth and able to run around and get our house into shape. I get great pleasure from finally being able to say that the front bedrooms which had been junk/storage for nearly five years are now complete, beautiful rooms! One is Canyon’s and the other is now my office/guest room. I will post pictures of these soon. Today I went through our cupboards and just purged glassware and kitchen items we no longer use. Decluttering is kind of like a drug to me. While the baby sleeps I declutter.


Canyon’s First Real Bath!

Sunday night was Canyon’s first real bath!
He took to the water really well and looked pretty cute in his new towel from Grandma Mary!
But after all was said and done he looked a little shell-shocked!
Like he was thinking, “what the hell was that??!!” But oh he smelled so good.


Settling In…


Has it been 3 full days already? Are we really heading into our fourth night? How crazy it is, suddenly having him home. I do feel blessed that I was able to spend those crazy long days in the hospital with him because we were able to bond and I learned a lot about caring for him from the nurses. I kind of think I was meant to lose my job in December so that I would be able to spend 8-10 hours a day with Canyon at the hospital, just holding him and talking to him. Now he is so easily soothed-you just need to hold him and he goes right back to sleep.

John has the week off so we are working as a team and so far we are tired, but hanging in there. Let’s see how well I am doing after he goes back to work next week! The animals are still okay with it all-probably just happy to have us both here all day. We bought the cats a new giant climbing condo and Lilo has a new bag of fancy bones and trips to the park. Don’t want any one feeling jealous!


We Made It!

It was an emotional day full of bureaucracy, red tape and a bit of insanity but thanks to Lynn, our amazing case worker, we were able to bring Canyon home on Friday!

The original plan was we would be able to spring him before noon. In the end, it was more like 7pm so we had one last meal in the hospital…

Canyon gave a final wave to the nurses…

And then into the car seat!

Lilo was/is is a little curious and a little confused…

So is Kele De…

Shaylah immediately tried to take over Canyon’s spot in the cosleeper.

It is good to be home as a family! I cried on Friday night when I was holding him on the couch and realized that we were all together on the couch. As we should be.


Here We Go Again


So just when I adjust to Canyon being in the hospital another doctor says he can go home early. On Wednesday I am at he hospital and Dr. M shows up. He asks what I understood of the test results and plan. I explained the whole deal and he looks at me and says, “how does Friday sound?” I freak out. I explain that he can’t mess with me and that he has to be sure, blah blah blah. He basically promises me that we are going home. I dance. Yes, dance. I danced for him. I danced for the nurses. I danced all the way down the hall. What happened to the woman who said she wouldn’t get excited until he was actually in the car? She jumped out the window so the insanely optimistic woman could take over.

Today we have the monitor training and holy crap is that a devil machine. It is so freakin loud. And ridiculous. Fine. Whatever. We will do whatever it takes to take him home. I see Dr. M and he says we are still on track for getting out by noon tomorrow. I see him later and ask if it’s ok to increase Canyon’s feeding because he seemed hungry. He said, “what would you do tomorrow when you are at home?” I am convinced we are finally going to be bringing Canyon home.

So the nurse and I went over the discharge check list to make sure we have everything complete for tomorrow. The last thing is to get two prescriptions filled. One for vitamins and one for caffeine which is for his lungs. Sure he’s been off the caffeine for about two weeks but they wanted to send him home on it just in case. I take it to Walgreens and go home to walk Lilo. Walgreen’s calls. The insurance company won’t cover the caffeine. It’s $1300 dollars a month. WHAT??? Of course the insurance company folks are gone for the day so I go to the doctors. I had heard that the drug was kind of a “just in case” and was wondering if it was absolutely necessary since we were on monitors. I get the main guy who basically scolds me about Canyon getting out on Friday because he wanted him to stay until Monday and retake the pneumogram and acts like I somehow convinced Dr. M to release Canyon. I was a bit perturbed at the suggestion and explained that
A. I didn’t ask for the early release-it was offered to me
B. We weren’t having another pneumogram because the insurance company wouldn’t pay it
C. It’s only 2.5 days early! How much was going to change?
So he tries to guilt me and kind of makes it clear he’s going to try to convince Dr. M that we need the 2.5 days or whatever. I explain that if it costs me $1300 to get my kid the hell out of there I will pay it. For the first time in 7 weeks I am assertive, direct and obviously frustrated. We hang up and I proceed to freak out in the “I am pissed off at being jerked around again” way. The nurses all agree with me. Canyon is fine and we should go home.

So we are preparing for a potential battle tomorrow. War with the insurance company, war with the doctors. I may have to get all Code Grey on them. What’s Code Grey? I learned that a hospital Code Grey means that a patient or visitor is getting violent or out of hand. Ever since I found that out I would tease the nurses that I was going to go “all code grey”. They were teasing me about it tonight. Oh yeah. If they try to keep him longer they are really going to need to show me some medical reasons why and not this vague, really makes me think they just want our money crap.

But on a good note they dropped his little hospital hat on the ground which means we get a new one. Justine had just restocked the cart and found this one…


I bet Kristen and Dawn like that!