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Midnight in Madrid

Lilo and I went to the park. We hung out with a few other dogs and the owners were all about the COYOTE problem at the park. I guess they have been seen enough to make it a big concern.

Lilo does not seem concerned.


I seem really tall.


I dropped Lilo off at home and headed downtown, in rush hour I might add, to meet Karin and Matt for Luella’s 2nd Birthday. Karin chose her old workplace, Cafe Iberico, which is a spanish tapas restaurant. I arrived just in time for midnight in Madrid! They handed us each a skewer of 12 grapes and the Spanish tradition is to eat one grape for each bell toll. If you finish by midnight you will have good luck!

Luella and her cake…


Now I am back at home killing time until closer to Midnight. Lilo and I plan on heading over to the theatre to spend the countdown with John was has to work. Lilo hates the noise of the countdown so she will spend the midnight hour in John’s office but she hasn’t seen any of her work friends since the 12th of December and I know she will like seeing everyone.


Things That I Love

Buddy Wash-World’s Greatest Pet Shampoo

So I impulse purchased a bottle of Buddy Wash Lavender & Mint Pet Shampoo. It is awesome. We took Lilo to the park yesterday and it was a giant mud bowl which left Lilo happy and FILTHY. John gave her a bath with the new shampoo and she came out super soft, fluffy and smelling delicious. I am making her crazy today because I keep snuggling and sniffing her.
Look out kitties…you’re next!

Cooking Real Meals
Cooking Light Magazine has been my new menu inspiration. tonight was the Tomato Basil Lasagna with Prosciutto and last night Creamy Gorgonzola Fettuccine .

Eat This, Not That

I have this book and today I found the website which has great shopping suggestions. And of course the Best and Worst Sex Foods!

And finally, posting old memories from my past on Perfect Duluth Day


Young Love…Minnesota Style


So my nephew and his girlfriend did a winter photo shoot on their campus at St. Olaf. It’s ridiculously adorable and he said I could post them here. I figured us old and cynical folks could use a little young love.



If you can handle any more young love and have a Facebook login, here’s the link to the set

I am very proud that Nathaniel is accepting his Minnesconsin heritage and is wearing a sweater with embroidered wolves on it. Rock On, Nephew, Rock On.


Things That Make Me Giggle

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Amanda introduced me to Fuck You Penguin. I like saying the title over and over in a grumpy voice. And talking trash to cute animals is fun.

Hide And Seek With A Polar Bear. I like how the bear looks cute even as it is trying to eat the man. But I do have to wonder what the heck the photographer was doing while this was happening.

Scary Shark Stuff!. People getting eaten does not make me giggle but it does give me a thrill. You know how I am obsessed with shark attacks.

This worm creeps me out!

Calvin and Hobbes on the economic crisis.


December 26th





When I was first laid off I complained that being unemployed in summer would have been much more fun. Now about two weeks in I realize how much I really enjoy having so much free time in the winter. Less people to deal with and more intense landscapes. Today was so slippery that I worried Lilo or I would slip and break something-but we kept our balance. Tomorrow the world will turn to mud-I went out to pick up John from work tonight and the melt has already begun. It feels like spring outside. A slickery, foggy spring.


Christmas In the 70’s

My first Christmas-1972


1975- Notice the snow shovel? We start young Up North!
1977 is missing so on to 1978. The cat’s name was Smokey. He was the biggest bad ass in the neighborhood. He was eventually shot around Halloween by someone with a bb gun. Bastards. We buried him on the side of the house.
ANd we’ll throw in 1981 because Simon is awesome!


Ultrasounds and Snow Balls

The snow started as our day began with a trip to the doctor for another ultrasound. The machine was out of photo paper so there are no weird, alien baby scans to show you. But the baby is healthy and has all of his appendages and body parts. And he moves a lot. So things are moving along nicely!

After the doctor we went to Linen’s And Things to use an old gift card before they go out of business tomorrow. I picked up a set of Green Pans for 60% off! Quite the deal I say! Two grocery stores and a bunch of stupid people who can’t drive in snow later we were back home and it was time to shovel.

Lilo loves the snow and makes it all much more fun. Her tennis ball was so frozen that it looked more like a snow ball!


Ghosts of Santas Past

1980 Mariner Mall Superior, WI
I seemed to have one pose that year…
Same mall, same Santa, 1982