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Thanksgiving Sunrise

The sunrise was well worth the trip to the lake.

After breakfast we went back to sleep until it was time for a quick dinner at the Mother In Law’s house before she had to go to work. So now we are home and trying to get motivated to do some more work around the house. Lilo is sleeping off the ridiculous amount of turkey and sausage she ate!


Oh The Little House Obsession is Fully On, Along With Some Insomnia

So ME TOO has started carrying “Little House on the Prairie” episodes and I have seasoned passed it on the old TIVO. Lat night before bed I watched “My Ellen” where Ellen drowns and her mother goes crazy and holds Laura captive in the root cellar. I tell you this show was messed up!
So anyway. Woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. John’s awake too. So we made the animals get up too. Kele De and Shaylah are here on the couch with me but Lilo was having none of it and she’s still in bed. John’s on his computer and I am watching “The Creeper”, where Andy and Laura become detectives to find out who is stealing from the townsfolk. I think it’s the kid who wants to grow up to be a doctor and is trying to support his sick father. We’ll see!

It’s 6:12am. I will now try to convince my husband to drive me to the lake to watch the sunrise. Let’s see if it works. It did! Except I have to drive there. That’s fine. Now to load up the camera and hit the road. Hopefully when we get home we’ll be able to sleep.


Scenes from my Little House

I don’t have a picture of Lilo slicing her foot open on a broken candleholder in the backyard. I opened the back door and there was blood all over our new stairs. I screamed for John and we started first aid on poor Lilo. She spent the rest of the day moping around the house, only coming out for treats and dinner. Today she came to work for a bit and then John took her to the vet where they cleaned it up and gave us some special ointment for her little paw. When I came home she just wanted to lay on the couch with me, her head on my lap. So we watched my favorite episode of Little House on the Prairie-“The Wolves”. It’s the one where Ma and Pa are out of town and Laura and Andrew Garvey rescue the mama wolf and her cubs and then wild dogs attack-I don’t want to give it all away. Let’s just say it’s pretty exciting and lessons are learned. My second favorite episode is the two-parter, “Sylvia” with the creepy clown rapist. That episode was dark. Little House was so edgy.


In Case You Needed A Reminder of How Amazing Annie Lennox Is…

I surfed into the hideousness of the American Music Awards last night just in time to see this…

It gave me goosebumps. It gave me hope.


It’s Been Awhile

Where does time go? I look up and haven’t posted for like 8 days. So what have we been up to?
We took Lilo to the park a lot.

We discovered the heaven/hell combo of the greatest bad for you food ever. Suzie’s Drive-In. We drove by one day and I wanted to stop but it looked a little janky. So we looked it up on Yelp and went the next day. And the next day.

Cheese fries in a deep fried tortilla shell! And you know how some places just put the cheese on top? Suzie’s seems to layer cheese, fries, cheese, fries, cheese! And they have Corn Poles. Sounds dirty, no? A corn dog made with Polish Sausage! My arteries did not need to know this place existed. But now we do and it is mere minutes from our house.

And our house is all tore up. We had contractors come in and put in new stairs in the back. They then moved on to our two front bedrooms where they removed wallpaper, tore up the crappy vinyl flooring to reveal the hardwood and patched all the water damage from the big storms. Now we have everything from those rooms all over the place while we paint, restore the wood doors and mouldings and get the floors refinished. It’s a mess. A cluttered, nightmarish mess. Never has it been more clear that we have too much stuff in our lives. I would show you a photo but it’s too horrifying. I swear, no matter how much I throw out it doesn’t even make a dent in the overall load.

And the baby is due May 4th. That gives us like 5 months to get our home and lives together. I am a little nervous because if I haven’t been able to get my life together in 36 years how the hell am I going to do it in 5 months?


Things That Entertain Me Right Now When I Should Be Asleep

I was ready for bed when the Kantowicz’s called and got me all awake again. And Shaylah, Kele De and Lilo are hogging so much of the bed that I can only fit one leg on right now and they are too cute to move. So a brief post on things I find entertaining right now.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

“Sitting On Top Of The World” by Garrison Keillor

16 Funny Senior Portraits I totally need to dig up my photo with the ladder AND balloons!

Shaylah just hopped off the bed to push her water fountain around with her head. That means there’s room for me in the bed! Goodnight!


Funny Pigeons

Too tired to even shrink the photo. The contractors have begun work on the inside and we have two rooms demolished. The two rooms that we stored a huge amount of stuff in. So now all that stuff is shoved into every corner of the house. Literally. There’s stuff in the bathroom. My wedding dress is in the pantry. The fancy mirror I bought 4 years ago but never hung up is behind the hallway door. It’s next to impossible to move in the house. On the good front it’s the perfect opportunity to sort through stuff and get rid of more more more.


Carving With A Coal

So my sister calls and invites me to go make a wooden spoon.

Carving with a Coal
Sunday,November 9 . . . . . 1-2:30 pm
Join a Master Outdoorsman to learn how
to make a wooden spoon by whittling and
finishing with a burning ember.

OK. What the hell. I like burning things so this afternoon I headed over to the Nature Center which is pretty close to my house. The room quickly fills up with families and we gather around the fire and watch the master woodsmen hack away at a piece of wood with an axe while he tells stories. For an hour. Then it’s finally our turn. We are given a spoon base and we head outside into the freezing tundra and gather around a fire to be handed our embers. You place the burning ember on the base and blow on it to keep the fire burning.

Every little while you scrape out the burned section and add a fresh coal.

I nearly set myself on fire trying to take the photos while holding on to the ember. It takes forever to make a spoon and I can’t even begin to imagine what it must take to make a canoe this way. Now I need to buy a little axe so I can chop up my old tree branches and make my own utensils out in the backyard around the fire pit.