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The Last Day Of October

We took the day off for Halloween and spent the late afternoon down by the Chicago River. There was a herd of deer frolicking on the other side of the river. And I thought this guy was pretty big for a city deer.


The Paper Is Delivered At 5:45am

How do I know this? Because I am friggin awake. Stupid insomnia. I woke up at 3am and have not been able to go to sleep. Tried going back to sleep. Woke up Lilo and snuggled with her. Played with the cats. Played “Hell’s Kitchen” on my Nintendo DS. Read part of “The Watchmen” graphic novel. Came downstairs to watch “America’s Next Top Model”. Realized I never set a season pass for “Stylista” so it didn’t record. Damnit. Played with Photobooth.

5:52am. I have to be up in 2 hours. Tomorrow-wait today-is going to suck.


Way Too Much Fun For $4.99

So we bought Lilo a wig.

On my way to work today I grabbed it, thinking that the sight of Lilo in her glamour wig would entertain people. Little did I know that Dawn would also have a wig from her roller disco Halloween costume. Oh yes.

Joe and Lilo…

Joel and Wrigley…


Monday Magic Monday

Not only did payroll not make me cry this week, I got out on time! John and Lilo picked me up and we went to the lake. Since I was not planning for such a delightful treat I was not prepared for outdoor fun in the cold. So I dug around the car and found a sweatshirt and John’s old coat which was really long. Combine that with my purple messenger bag and I looked like an extra homeless person from “The Fisher King”.
It was freezing. But the clouds were cool.

Now we are home and we are supposed to go to a friends place tonight. But the house is warm and Gossip Girl is on. This may be a challenge.


Sunday Windy Sunday

My day started with a battle with a pesky squirrel who has totally mastered the art of conquering my “squirrel proof” feeders. Yesterday he figured out how to lift the lid but today he managed to crawl all the way inside. He was so twisted up that I was afraid he was dead. I tried to get a photo but the minute I cracked the door he scurried out and up. Then he taunted me.

After a fine breakfast of raspberry french toast and bacon we braved the winds and took to Lake Michigan for a walk through the fall leaves. It was fun. We are supposed to get storms soon which I bet will take down all the leaves so I am glad we made it down there. And a big thanks to the park district for opening the bathrooms up today. They are usually locked down this time of year but for some reason they were open and made my day. Pregnant ladies pee a lot.

On the way home I wanted to run into Trader Joe’s. John gasped in horror-“On a SUNDAY? Are you INSANE?” I knew what I was getting into but I needed Black Wax Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese and uncured, nitrate free bacon. I was determined that I could get in and get out. Oh how foolish and optimistic I can be. I make it through the doors, grab a basket and hit the wall of Sunday lounge shoppers. The aisles were ridiculous and made worse by the amount of toddlers pushing those little baby grocery carts. I know they are cute, but come on people it’s way too packed to let your kid wander around by themselves. “Kiki! This way! Come on Kiki!” Kiki is determined to block my every move. It took a lot of self-control to not just scream “Get your kid the hell out of my way! I just want cheese and bacon!” Finally make it the 10ft to the cheese and I am surrounded by people who have no idea what kind of cheese they want and are debating each package separately. I kindly reach around and grab my meat and cheese and try to make it to the dog treats. Lilo knows Trader Joe’s and if I come out without some there would be a sad little dog in the car. I grab the chicken sticks and attempt make it around another toddler with a cart and a woman who is trying to choose wine by standing in the middle of the wild aisle, blocking passage on either side. I veer left and cut off a group of slow pokes and make it to the ten items or less lane. The first guy in line is methodically packing up his purchases into this little bike bag. It takes forever. Fine. At least he brought his own. The next woman has blatanly ignored the 10 items or less sign and has 17 items. I counted. I give her the “you are so inconsiderate” glare. Her daughter and mother join her in line and the mother scolds her adult daughter for not bringing her own bags. Sure, teach her environmental responsibility but not how to count. Finally I am up and I quickly throw my items in my bag and pay with cash. The woman behind me mocks the other woman, “What, did she think that because she had five packs of rice cakes they only counted as one item? It’s ten items or less, not more!” You said it, sister.

Now we are home and I am torn between napping and accomplishing something. I also have two good new library books- Louise Erdich “The Plague of Doves” and Barbara Kingsolver “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”. So much to choose from on a Sunday afternoon.




I’ve Got A Secret, I’ve Been Hiding, Under My Skin

12 weeks 3 days. That’s why I was so tired and not posting for so long. I came back from my trip to Minnesota and took the test. So Cass Lake was my big last hurrah. I remember sitting on the dock one night with Lilo, smoking a Clove cigarette, drinking a beer and watching the stars come out and thinking about how this was my life and this was what it was like to be 36 and to be happy and then wondering about the future and kids and the whole time I was pregnant. Crazy, no?
No Sushi, No Booze, No Caffeine, No Cloves. It was hard not posting it right away but if something went wrong I didn’t want to have to explain. Then the more I started thinking about it if something did go wrong I might want to write about it. Something could still go wrong. It all seems so fragile right now. But so far so good. When you are over 35 they monitor you like crazy and my insulin resistance is more like diabetes now so I am monitoring my blood sugar and have a whole new eating plan. Which is good. And I don’t throw up which is great.
So if you see me acting strangely, don’t be surprised. Oh man, am I mature enough to be a parent when I use Styx lyrics to announce my pregnancy?
When I told my mom she had a seizure (literally) and when I told my dad he said, “Wow. Poor LILO!”
So May 4th is the goal date. It seems really close and really far away.


Ron Howard Endorses Obama

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