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Harvey Korman-“Jowls”

R.I.P. Harvey Korman!

This skit freaked me out as a kid and added to my fear of bathroom sharks. My mom couldn’t leave me alone in the tub because I was afraid the shark would come up through the plumbing and get me. And since we didn’t have a shower this made keeping clean a challenge. My fear was compounded by the cartoon Jabberjaws because he was a shark who could walk around on land. I had a nightmare once that he came out of the closet in the bathroom, ate me and then disappeared back into the closet and no one could figure out what happened to me.


Happy Talk We’re Talking Happy Talk

I was in meetings from 11am-5pm. And yet I have found reasons to be happy! (Prosecco helps)

A woman I gave tickets to sent me flowers. I like flowers.

Today I have heard my new favorite word-“Bragadocious”. I love this word.

I made a lunch date for next week with someone I love but haven’t seen forever.

Our boss volunteered to stay late so John and I could go home at the same time. Sweet.

Which made it possible for John and I to take Lilo to the park so we could all get a bit of exercise. On the way back I was tired, hungry and dissatisfied. As we drove down Montrose I said to John, “I wish gas prices weren’t so high and that we didn’t live in Chicago. Then we could just go for a drive. I miss just being able to hop in the car and drive out to Wisconsin Point, or Amnicon Falls, or Gooseberry Falls.” (for those of you who don’t know me the above places are State Parks and Wild Spaces in my homeland of Minnesconsin.) And even though John has worked a really long day too he says, “Then just keep going. We’ll get on the highway and go. We’ll go to Wilmette or somewhere. Who knows? A little adventure!” We went home. But I loved him so much at that moment-that he would be willing to just go wherever I wanted or where the car took us no matter how tired he was or the fact that gas is $4.25 a gallon.

So You Think You Can Dance is back! Brilliant! It makes me long to be 19 again. Well maybe not my reality 19, but maybe a taut tummy super dancer 19. I wonder about me at 19-if I was 19 now. Would I have auditioned from one of these reality TV shows? I did have a strong attention drive-between my radio show and my acting “career”. Maybe I would have?

But back to SYTYCD-God I love this show. There have been some auditions that have made me just a little crazy with love. Can’t wait for the real season to start!

And yesterday on the way from the lake to work we surfed into this song-“Lean Like A Cholo”. I was driving and when we came to the red light at Irving and LSD I could not help but start to dance to this track. I tried to get John to do it but he wouldn’t. Puta. Now that link has the real video but I like this one better.

Now it’s 10:56pm and I am heading up stairs to watch a few episodes of Medium before sleep.


There’s an alligator in my kitchen!

Few things entertain me more than the thought of an eight foot alligator “sneaking” into someone’s kitchen!
complete with the Tape of the 911 call.

And they’ve called in the Marines to guard beaches against sharks in Mexico.

And a crocodile attacks a shark in Australia.

Which leads me to this..

Which made me want to cry.

Which led me to this crazy story about a HUGE MONSTER CROC named Gustave

You could spend hours on Youtube watching traumatizing animals eating/fighting each other videos. I can’t really watch a lot of them. I know it’s all nature but it’s still kind of depressing.

And all of this makes me want to crawl into bed and fall asleep while watching Lake Placid. (Like you could fall asleep during something so completely awesome!)


Memorial Day

Heart Cloud!

Giant Squirrel Cloud!


Windy City Amusement


Oh How I Loves Me Some David Cook.

John went out to run errands and this has given me the perfect opportunity to curl up on the couch and fully indulge in my David Cook obsession. Youtube videos on the laptop while replaying the American Idol finale on the Replay TV. I have been doing this for over two hours now.
It started off slowly, my love of David Cook. I didn’t really watch Idol much this season-skipped Hollywood and would watch the occassional episode on fast forward. I thought David was kind of an emo-dork at first. And that his mouth was too big. He could sing but he was kind of creepy.
Then I saw him do Billie Jean and I was like, he can sing. He’s kind of creepy hot.

I had missed the Hello performance until tonight.

Now I have watched it twice. Then the stylists stepped in and someone taught him how to woo the camera. That was Mariah Carey Week.
He was totally dreamy and hot now. After that I would watch try to watch the show just for David. Fast forward through the others, replay on David.And the Guitar Hero commercial where he dances around in his underwear? I knew about that but saved it. A girl needs to have something to look forward too.
And I guess I was looking forward to it too much because around 7:30pm at work someone asked me if I was happy that David won and I yelled out, “I love David Cock.”
Enough Said.


Frolicking Tastes Good


Dandelion Morning