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Hell’s Headache or Music to Work With A Migraine By

I woke up today with a monster migraine. The kind of hell-headache that makes you nauseous and squinty. I took some Excedrin and tried to sleep it off. No help. Called the office to let them know I would be late and they thought I was calling in an April Fool prank. I wish. Still optimistic that I would feel better I headed in to the office. Fool. Got to work and had to do payroll while popping my migraine meds and occasionally ok frequently whining about my misery.
The upside of the situation is my pain led me to create a nice, mellow sound track for the day, which was greatly appreciated by my co-workers.

Iron & Wine-The Shepard’s Dog
Sun Kil Moon- Tiny Cities and Ghosts of The Great Highway
Taken By Trees- Open Field
Tegan and Sara-The Con

So the headache never quite went away. It took a bit of a break during my hot date with Midwest Melissa (more on that later) but it’s back now as I lounge in my satin PJ’s watching Hell’s Kitchen with hubby and the furry kids. We are going through a massive Gordon Ramsay obsession at the compound. We watched every single episode of the British version of Kitchen Nightmare’s and Hell’s Kitchen started tonight. Gordon’s such a fucking bastard, but oh do I love him. He’s become quite an inspiration. I judge the quality of my performance in life by Gordon’s standards. I want a little rubber bracelet that says WWGRD? (What would Gordon Ramsay do? )
We pretend we’re on the show when we’re making meals. I bark orders and John yells “Yes Chef!” We bought scallops because they seem to be featured on every episode of Kitchen Nightmares. We consult with our British friend Dan C. on what the hell some of the British foods are, like Yorkshire Pudding and Lancashire Hot Pot. We are talking about going to New York to eat at Gordon’s restaurant. We are kind of becoming Gordon Groupies.
Wow. Now I really have a head ache.


Ruby Vroom-The Musical!

You know how much I love Soul Coughing so imagine my delight when I got this e-mail from Mike Doughty today…

This summer, Mike Doughty makes his Broadway debut with Ruby Vroom: The Musical, a stage adaptation of the first Soul Coughing album, with book by Tim Rice and choreography by Twyla Tharp.

Ruby Vroom: The Musical tells the story of Ruby (Scarlett Johansson), a transgendered youth growing up in 1970s Chicago. After a botched, self-administered sex change operation, Ruby enters a series of ill-fated love affairs, all set to the musical backdrop of her caustic avant-punk trio, The 5% Nation. Convinced that one of her lovers is Satan, she travels from Chicago to Kansas, Detroit and eventually Los Angeles, where she is sidetracked by drugs, mad kidnapping plots and the tawdry allure of the Hollywood lifestyle. And just when she is about to succumb to bitterness, an older woman, Janine (Patti LuPone), enters her life and changes everything.

Press previews for Ruby Vroom: The Musical will begin in late June at the St. James Theater on West 44th St., with a public opening in mid-July. Says Mike, currently on tour with his band, “I am immensely excited about the opportunity to work with the fabulous Ms. LuPone. She is the bucket of shoes in my foyer.”

For ticket information, see http://www.rubyvroomtickets.com/

If you haven’t clicked on the link, please remember what day it is. But man, would I pay money for that show!