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How Many Balloons…

How many Day After Day After Birthday balloons can you stick to Lilo?

Eight. We could have gone for more but it was a busy day at work.


Kele De


Merry Go Us


Balloon Drop & A Unicorn!

It was a great day after birthday day! My coworkers are awesome!

There were horns and noisemakers, exploding popper toys, a GIANT unicorn, balloon drop and ice cream cake! With sparkler candles!

Happy Day After Birthday Day to me! Thanks Fun Squad!


Happy Birthday To Me

The First Decade:

From my Baby Book: “What a busy day. This year you know you get presents and cards. Every time the mailman comes you run to the door and say birthday card!…You loved playing and eating your cake but got real SHY when we sang to you.”

“You really enjoyed your birthday this year. You had your first birthday party. All you talked about for a week was about all your friends coming to your party. You felt pretty important and whenever you got mad you would say “you’re not coming to my party now!””

There’s another version of this last one that I wish I had. It’s me in this outfit but I am in front of the Taco John’s sign. My mom got them to put “Happy Tenth Birthday Laurie” on it. I was so cool.


Backyard Bleeding Hearts


Urban Nature Quest

Lilo and I were a bit sick of our usual haunts and decided to go off in search new adventures in urban nature. First stop-Gompers Park which was very delightful. For a city park it had some nice wild spaces with a variety of trees, a duck pond and some wetlands.

It was good times, but we wanted more, so back in the car for a trip to the Forest Preserve. At first it looked a little boring-big grassy field and the left side was bordered by railroad tracks. We walked up to the far edge of the field and looked through the trees. Urban nature jackpot!

At first it was a little creepy-stepping off the public park into this wild trail. I kept thinking Rivers Edge but decided to focus on a happier thought-like I was stepping out of the normal world into something from a Charles DeLint story. There were tiny yellow wild flowers covering the forest floor and the sunlight gave everything this epic glow. And we saw three deer!

While I was taking that photo Lilo must have dropped her ball into the water. I turned and it was gone. We followed the river path until it left the woods and came out at a softball field. We turned back and on the way we saw her ball caught up in an eddy. It was stuck just off the side of a steep bank. First I tried to get Lilo to mountain goat her way over to get it but she couldn’t seem to see where it was. I decided to go for it. I found a big branch and climbed out on the bank. As I leaned out over the water, grasping on to a root for support and reaching out with the branch for the ball I thought, “This is how I am going to die. 2 days before my 36th birthday I will fall into the Chicago River and drown trying to get Lilo her damn ball.”
But victory was ours!
Lilo and her ball-Reunited and it Feels So Good-



Our Magnolia tree is blooming!

Last year we had a frost that killed the buds before they had a chance to bloom so I was nervous this year. I kept talking to her saying, “Not yet! Don’t start blooming until it’s warm!”

She listened. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain alot which will take down the blooms.

But at least we had today.