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My Days Off

My Sunday started with a trip to Marshall’s to continue my quest for Madden Girl Shoes. I feel that I should mention that the brown pair I bought on Friday fell to pieces on the first two hours of wearing. Very disappointing. But I still have high hopes for the others so I headed down the road to see the selection. I bought two pair of heels-one pink and one black and white pair.

John and I had a gift certificate from a hotel that expired on Sunday so we asked Jenny to take Lilo for the night and we headed to the Hampton Inn and Suites. We were going to enjoy a night away from the clutter of our lives and play tourist for a night.
We get to the hotel and check out our living situation. Our room had a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. I was thinking about picking up some wine and a thorough examination of the kitchen supplies turned up a bottle opener but no cork screw. Perfect excuse for a trip to Marshall’s for a corkscrew and since we were already there, why not look for more shoes? We got a corkscrew, a Transformer Action figure and I finally had the moment of clarity that this new shoe obsession was just a phase so I should stop buying them. We wondered our way up to Michigan Avenue and then to Water Tower. In the rain. We debated where to eat-bouncing back and forth between the multitude of restaurants that the city had to offer. In the rain. Every place we walked by was crawling with tourists, conventioneers and screaming, spoiled children. We finally decided on Pizzeria Uno to go and some wine and cheese from Trader Joe’s. When we shoved our way to the host stand at the pizza place we found out the wait for a pizza was an hour. Screw that. An hour wait and $30 or go to the Jewel across the street and pick up a Tombstone Pizza and some breadsticks-$7! We could cook it in the kitchen and relax in the comfort of the room. Brilliant!
We soggily, yet triumphantly get back to the room loaded with our make at home meal. And realize that our kitchen has a stove top, but not an oven! What’s that about? So now starving and soaked we head back out into the world and settle on Rock Bottom Brewery. My first Irish Red hits my empty stomach and I become a bit giddy. By the second I am in bliss and totally thrilled for our meal.
My favorite part of being in a couple is you can make the other person in the relationship share their food with you. And at Rock Bottom our server guessed what we were doing so when the food arrived it was on four plates. We each got two plates with two sides and the burgers cut in half. Brilliant! Not only did we not have to divide and cut and sort, in the end we got double the sides. Which was pretty awesome because Irish Red or no Irish Red-those were the best onion rings I have ever had.

We went to sleep around 2am and I woke up at 5:30am and could not go back to sleep. At 8:45am John woke up so we went to breakfast and then I was able to nap for about an hour and a half before check out. But the lack of sleep left me feeling like I was underwater for most of the day. We picked up Lilo who was not pleased with being left for the night. She was happy to see us, but once we were in the car she moped in the back-making it clear that not being included in our night out was not acceptable to her. It’s been raining all day so we couldn’t take her anywhere fun to make up for it. Instead I played Boogie Bunnies and then napped again. I still don’t feel like I have had enough sleep. Now I am watching Into the Wild and trying to muster the energy to cook our meals for the next few days. So far all I could manage for dinner tonight was some Garretts popcorn-the cheese and caramel mix. It’s not looking good for lunch tomorrow, people.


Madden Girl, Not Yet A Woman

I needed a break from work so I went across the street to the Point-a shopping trifecta of DSW, Marshall’s and Linen’s and Things. I need to stop wearing nothing but Birkenstocks and Land’s End Moccasins so I hit the DSW. It was overwhelming. So just for fun I went over to the Clearance section and played with the fancy shoes. I tried on super high brown patent leather, a silver rhinestone pair and some crazy irridescent gold shoes. The heels were so over the top that I just had to share my opinion. I turned to the woman next to me- showing her a pair of metalic blue heels and said, “I wish I had the kind of life that required these” and she said, “maybe in the 70’s you could have. But you never know-they could come back in style.” I sighed, “Even if they did I am just not woman enough for these shoes.” I gave up and went upstairs to Marshall’s where a drag queen in a black leather skirt and leopard print coat was trying on an incredible pair of silver high, HIGH heels. I said, “I like those. You wear them well.” She smiled and said thank you in a breathy voice. I asked if she had been downstairs yet and told her about the amazing shoes I had seen at DSW. She thanked me and then tried on a pair of yellow patent leather stillettos. Now she was woman enough to pull them off.

I ended up with three pairs of shoes-new walking shoes and two cute pairs of funky shoes from Madden Girl which is my new favorite brand of shoe. A sweet brown leather pair and these little baby heels that are black with an adorable floral print.

I feel very saucy and grown up with my new shoes. I did a little ANTM walk through the living room just now. I did the prancy walk/stomp and the three second pause with a jaunty turn. I was FIERCE. It’s hard to be FIERCE in Birkenstocks or dirty suede moccassins. I am now going to back to Marshall’s to buy all of the Madden Girl Shoes they have in my size. Maybe there’s hope for the Woman in me yet.


New Quote I Love…

I am sooooo going to use this quote.

“There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your mind.” -August Strindberg

It makes me wish I was really sexy-black hair with bangs, red lipstick-the mysterious woman-sitting at a smoky bar, luxuriously sucking on a Clove cigarette with some sort of absinthe drink-quoting Strindberg. In my fantasy I am speaking to that French guy on The Hills. And I have a ferret on a velvet leash.
Okey dokey. I have gone too far.


“Do not shoot your team mates in the back. I can not stress this enough.”-My Husband

Oh the trash talking on XBOX Live.

John-“Was he saying nice things about your mother?”
Kid-“No. He was saying I was why birth control pills were invented.”
John-“Well did you go on Wikipedia and do any research? Maybe you are why birth control pills were invented.”

John is playing Halo 3 which means I can’t download, can’t watch the shows I have on Replay tv, can’t stream “The Hills” off of MTV and can’t play any of the video game systems. I have had too much beer to want to read anything and not enough beer to go to bed. I am totally up to date on Icanhascheezburger, all the sites I read have been read and there’s only so much Scrabulous you can play in one day.

John-“Do not shoot your team mates in the back. I can not stress this enough.”

I have a new dream for Rock of Love. Heather! Brett will realize he was an idiot to let Heather go on Rock of Love 1 and he will marry her on Rock of Love 2! Brilliant I say!

So today I found out that Destroyer-one of my favorite bands-is a guy from The New Pornographers-another one of my favorite bands. So just now I thought I would do some internet research and found out that Neko Case is also in the NP and one of my friends is in her band so I shall have to discuss this with him tomorrow at work. And I decided to click around the link page on the NP site which made me realize that I love Merge Records and a good chunk of my favorite stuff right now is from their label.

John-“I’m like Casper but I’m the Killing Ghost. Wheee!”

I learned that Merge is in North Carolina which made me think of One Tree Hill which is in North Carolina which made me think about how cool it is that the episode names from OTH are really band and song titles. Which made me think someone out there has compiled the list. And she did. Yay! One Tree Hill: Episode Song Titles and Artists.

I also like Sub Pop.

Sam Beam from Iron and Wine-

I love the simplicity of the solo performance but the full length video is stunning.

And tomorrow when I can stream freely I will be hanging out here. I wish I had a radio show there.

So I guess I should thank John for taking up my normal avenues of pop culture absorption so that I could branch out and learn more. But I still want to kick him off so I can play Boogie Bunnies.


Something For The Christians…

Happy Easter!

Baby Got Book


Happy Birthday, John!


You make a good husband and a good bunny!


Happy Doggie Easter


Sometimes you just have to accept how dorky you are.
Today John, Lilo and I dressed up in our Spring frippery for the Horner Park Doggie Egg Hunt. I was a flower and John and Lilo were bunnies. Since it was freezing and snowy Lilo wore her pink corduroy coat, her flower leigh (thanks Jan & Andy!) and her bunny ears. All of the fresh snow made the egg hunt a real hunt with doggies digging up plastic, treat-filled eggs out of the snow. Lilo is mentioned in the article in the Chicago Tribune “Lilo, a 5-year-old border collie mix, wore her “spring” outfit—a pink cape, bunny ears and floral necklace—for her picture with the Easter Bunny.”


After the parade, trick showcase and snack time we headed outside to play with her cousin Syndey, the tennis ball and some new doggie friends.

More Photos Here!



What The World. Needs Now. Is a Mongolian. Folk Band.

Finally Hubby and I have a band we both like…Altan Urag

This is the new soundtrack for our lives. Scary, no?