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Now You Never Saw This On “Oz”…

First they did Thriller… and now everyone’s favorite inmates are back with “Soulja Boy” and “Can’t Touch This!”

McDrama-are you feeling inspired?


I Want It So Bad….

Oh Battlestar Galactica. Please come back to me.


Oh My God I Love This Song

Ever since I heard this song at Stars on Ice I have not been able to get enough of it. Today my boss said I was limited to playing it only once a day in the office. John says I can only play it two more times today since I have had it on repeat for the last hour.

Now I am down to one more play. I better make it count.


Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash

I love Johnny Cash.

Top 5 Cash Memories in No Particular Order-

1. Chris and I use to turn off the lights in the office to watch this video. We would get all teary. When he moved to Canada (stupid Canada) I made him a mix cd. This song was on it. I like to think it made him cry on his road trip to Vancouver.

2. About 10 years ago I use to do comedy at Improv Olympic. I was on a team with a guy I was kindda/sorta seeing. We would go to goth clubs to dance and I remember being really drunk on a cab ride home from Neo and singing Folsom City Blues. I thought I sounded great. And that guy I was kinda/sorta dating was the last guy I kinda/sorta dated before being with John. Actually, they kind of overlapped. But I think things worked out pretty good for both the guy and me since we both married the people we met while kinda/sorta seeing each other. In fact, he met his future wife at Neo while we were out one night. I helped them get together while John was at home waiting for me. Weird, huh?

3. One of the comedy shows I did with Renegade Comedy Theatre had Donn Hanson doing a parody of “Ring of Fire”. I think it was something about peeing a ring of fire-“and it burns, burns, burns-a urinary tract infection.” I remember he also did a parody of “My Way” which was “and through it all, I shopped at Prange Way!” (inside joke for those Superior/Duluth people)

4. When Johnny Cash died I was in Alabama. We left my mom’s place that day and drove to Florida. All day, driving through the south we listened to Johnny. Sometimes I cried.

5. I played “Hurt” for my Dad and Mary on a road trip from their place on Lake Minnesung to Two Harbors for Dick’s Pizza. We were stopped at road construction on Highway 61 so I cranked this song. I cried. They didn’t.



This is what I am working on in pottery class.

I love my flower and the mug with the braided handle. My teacher actually made the rounded mug, I just did the handle. I like to give credit where credit is due!

Here’s a “before” on some things I put it to be glazed.


Next week I will show you the “after”!


Us. On Ice.




We had a great day. John and Lilo picked me up from pottery class and we went down to Recreation Drive. Freezing rain and snow, but it still felt great to be outside. More photos here.



Jimmy Responds…

You knew the response to Sarah Silverman’s “I’m F*cking Matt Damon” was coming. Here it is!

I still like Sarah’s better, but the fact that they got so many people involved is pretty funny.


Art. On Ice.

Continuing the theme of things on ice, John and I decided to head down to Millennium Park for the Museum of Modern Ice exhibit. Gordon Halloran’s “Paintings Below Zero” is on display behind the bean. It was pretty cool (COOL! Ha! The ice painting was cool!) but also a little weird. I love the comment I overheard, “It would be better if it was flavored.”


Since we had paid to park for 0-8 hours we decided to go for a walk to see some of the sculptures along Michigan Avenue. We headed off down the road and when we came to the Art Institute we saw that it was free. So we went in. We saw a great photography show called Girls on the Verge: Portraits of Adolescence. mann_sally_w01.jpg
I now have a whole list of women photographers to study up on…
Sally Mann
Hellen van Meene
Lauren Greenfield
Tina Barney
Melissa Ann Pinney

It felt wrong to be in the Art Institute and not stop by to say hello to Monet and Pollack, give a casual wave to Picasso, so we did. Then we took a moment to acknowledge how cool it was that we lived in a city where we can do that. Just wander in off the street and see some of the world’s most famous works of art.

Then it was back on the street for a hike up to Roosevelt to see “Agora” by Magdalena Abakanowicz. They kind of reminded me of elephants. And then a long walk back to the car.
We went to dinner at Bennigan’s. We love Bennigans.