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How I Feel Right Now…

Monday we take Lilo to the park to play. As she’s racing after the ball in the mud she breaks her toe nearly off. (I know it’s a claw, but it’s like breaking a toe.) She seemed OK with it that night and we hoped it might be OK on it’s own but by the next day she was glassy eyed with pain and we had to get an emergency vet appointment. We went to a cheaper vet but we still paid $238! And it turns out she has an ear infection so right now she’s got one lopsided, unhappy ear filled with oily meds and she’s hopped up on pain pills for her foot. She’s just laying on the rug looking sad and occasionally making unhappy, grouchy sounds.

Kind of like me.

And tonight we go downstairs to do laundry and after I start the machine we see that the laundry sink is already full of water. Water backed up from the friggin kitchen sink! So now we can’t do laundry, run the dishwasher, etc. This after I made two days worth of meals and the kitchen is full of dirty pots and pans. And Hopeless Depot doesn’t have the right tool to open the trap and so we are screwed until at least tomorrow.

No amount of Midol or Youtube is going to salvage this night. I might just go upstairs and make a cave in my electric blanket and not come out until morning.


Oh Mr. Lemur….You So Dramatic

Make sure it’s loaded all the way before you play it or it’s not as much fun.


Gene Simmons Is My Daddy

This episode saved Ugly Betty for me. Mark and Amanda so steal the show. But Betty and Henry have their moments too…


Luella Rules


Matt and Karin took Luella to a fabulous photographer-Jean Smith. Here’s a sneak peek at the photos. I so had to share.


And I bought her those leg warmer thingies!


Ice Fishing and Beer Drinking!

On Saturday we went to Sidelines Bar 11th Annual Ice Fishing Contest on Lake Minnesung. The bar is directly across the stream from my Dad’s place so it was a short trip. The trucks and sleds (that’s snowmobiles to you big city readers) started streaming out on the ice around 11am.
Let the drinking and fishing begin!

We headed down to the bar around 2:30 pm to guarantee a spot at the bar for the awarding of prizes.
Watching all the fisher folk come in off the lake was kind of like stepping into Lake Wobegon Days. And sitting there in the a bar I got to see what my life would look like if I hadn’t moved to Chicago.
I was a bit disappointed that the fish weren’t on display but later the grand prize winner showed me pictures of the fish that won him $908! It was like a nine pound Northern Pike. Pretty impressive!
During the prize ceremony I heard lots of last names that sounded familiar. I kept looking at the men and tried to figure out if I went to high school with any of them. Some looked around my age. It’s hard to tell. I think once girls hit 18 they don’t change much for the next 15 years. Most of us get fatter, but we look basically the same. But a man changes a lot between 18 and 36. I did see a guy who’s brother I dated in junior high.


I was a bit concerned by all the trucks parked in a row on the ice. And the more we drank the more the foot in the freezer started to creep me out.


More photos here…

Ah, home.


The Wolf at Wisconsin Point

On our way home from Minnesota we stopped at Wisconsin Point so that Lilo could stretch her legs and play ball. It was sunset and it was pretty on a National Geographic scale.

We were up by the lighthouse and Lilo raced up the hill. She saw it first…


A wolf at Wisconsin Point! I have never seen a wolf out there. Deer? Yes. Bears Yes. Wolf? Not until that day! As soon as I saw it I was yelling for John to get the leash. Lilo runs wild out there all the time but now I will have to worry about it.


This whole trip had a great theme of wild animals. Our first morning in Wisconsin we drove into Lake Nebagamon to pick up a package for my Dad and Mary. We stopped at the coffee shop and I went in to place the order. While the woman made our drinks I noticed that the menu had a photo of a cute Jack Russel Terrier.
“I like how you have your dog on the menu”, I said.
“Oh ya. He’s not with us anymore.” She shook her head.
“Oh I’m sorry!”
“Ya, the bear took him.”
BEAR??? Yep! This last summer a bear came into the yard and the saucy little dog took him on. The bear dropped him when her husband fired the gun but it was too late to save him. I told her about our bear in the yard two summers ago and how I was worried that something was going to eat Lilo. This led to the wolves! She warned me that the wolves were a big threat out here and how they keep getting bolder. Her neighbor called her last week to tell her that a wolf walked right out of the woods into his yard and just stared him down-no fear at all. She gave me some advice,

“And the wolves will take the dog and just keep running. They eat the dog right away. The bears take them out and let them bleed to death first.”

Then we started on about eagles. She has two dachshunds and has to keep an eye on them when the big raptors are around.

As I paid for our drinks I thanked her and she said, “Drive safe and keep an eye on your dog!”

This trip we really did keep an eye on our dog and then we saw two wolves by the time it was done. And on our way out of town on Sunday we stopped at the local market for Top the Tater, English Muffin Toasting Bread and Old Dutch Chips. As we were leaving I saw a notice about a missing dachshund and I thought of the woman at the coffee shop. I hope it wasn’t hers.

More pictures here


Meet Marais…He’s Grand!


This is Marais the Brown Mouse. We met at the Trading Post in Grand Marais and hit it off immediately. We invited him to come home with us.


He’s very funny. He likes to sing along to the radio and show us his dance moves. Oh the stories he tells! He also freaks Lilo out a bit.


For those of you who just can’t get enough…