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Oh What Would The World Be Without LOL Cats


Its been a long crappy day. LOL Cats help.


Vote Now…Please!

OK. In the past I have been kind of a stage mom when it comes to Lilo. She was on the cover of a magazine, in a calendar, won a whole bunch of contests, etc. It was kind of an obsession. In the last few years I have gotten lazy and haven’t entered her in anything. Anyway. A few weeks ago I casually entered Lilo and Shaylah in a cute pets contest in the Chicago Tribune but I never followed through with entering Kele De or asking friends/family/blog readers to vote for them. I have just been too stressed out to think much of winning. Well that lack of initiative has left my sweet children in the bottom ten which just seems wrong. So I need your help! Please take the time to vote 5 paws for Lilo and Shaylah. And I think you can vote once a day or something. Not that I am pressuring you or anything…BUT DO IT NOW. ahahahhaa. Click on the links (vote for Lilo, Vote for Shaylah-not the photos) to vote.
Vote for Shaylah

Vote for Lilo

Feel free to ask your friends and family to vote!


Tell Me If It Starts Burning….

Today was my first day of Pottery Class at Lill Street. Last night I started to have school/art anxiety. ” What if no one like me? What if I suck? What if the teacher hates me?” Art has never been in my skill set. I have a long list of emotional scars from art teachers starting back in first grade and my talents seem to have stopped there at the beginning. But what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm!

John drops me off in front of the building. As I hit the stairs he rolls down the window and yells, “Don’t fuck up!” With that vote of confidence I headed in to my first day.

The class is small-only 6 people registered and only 5 showed-all women, all nice. One woman is from Minneapolis so we bonded over the Minnesota thing. And the clay came from Minnesota so I felt that we had an advantage-as if that made our genetic make up similar to that of the clay so we would naturally work well together. AND I am a pagan with an earth sign. Between genetics and spirituality I was all set! Let the magic begin!

First step-make a pinch pot. Pretty easy-I decorated mine with the pointy metal stick tool.


Yeah, I know it’s totally Jr. High! I love it!

Then comes throwing a pot on the wheel. This is where my genetics and being one with the earth totally failed me. It’s really hard! You have to worry about your hands on the clay, your foot on the pedal-it’s a whole lot to think about. If there’s too much water the clay will slide off, not enough water it won’t shape correctly. And you can hurt yourself on the wheel! My teacher was talking about grinding the side of your hand up on the wheel-“just tell me if it starts burning.” Oh and burn it did!

My first mug turned out OK because my teacher was there guiding my hands through the whole thing. After that, things were not so pretty.


They are totally a mess but I just couldn’t throw them back. They were crappy little pots, but they were MY crappy little pots!

Now please excuse me…I have to go watch throwing demos on Youtube. I have a lot to learn.


Sunday Sunday Sunday


Good-Day off!
Bad-Stepped in poop!
Good-John cleaned said poop off of my shoe!

Good-went to park with Lilo!
Bad-Started to rain!
Good-Since it was raining we didn’t have to rake the leaves!

Good-went to Scott and Carol’s!
More good- had great Chinese food delivered!
Bad-Watched Santa Claus 3!
Really Bad-Watched Santa Claus 3 all the way through!
Good-Scott gave us fun glowy stuff!

Yay! The Goods win!


“I just like how he’s always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Well, either sex or a conversation. Ideally both.”

Oh my lord do I love Jordan Catalano.


I am halfway through my My So Called Life Marathon and let me tell you, Jordan has not lost his appeal. I can even forgive him for growing up and forming 30 Seconds to Mars. ( Who I accidentally saw once in concert and even my desire for Jared Leto couldn’t stop me from mocking him openly.) I am so torn because I love a man in eyeliner but he is just so annoying sometimes.
But back in MSCL land I keep screaming at the tv, demanding the Angela do it with him. I have that union in my Fantasy Porn Compound. Xena and Gabriel live there, Jordan and Angela…I am trying to think if anyone else lives there. Hmmmm. That’s all I can think of now. Maybe more later. I am sure there must be more. It’s just that I had to work all night and it’s 2:08am and I have had a bottle of wine and it’s well past my bedtime.
And I have no idea where this photo is from but me likey…

Long hair, facial hair…what more can a girl ask for? Whatever crap film this comes from I will go see. Kind of how I own the movie Troy just for the long haired, dirty Brad Pitt.

Back to MSCL…


Black Friday Sunrise

John left home at midnight last night to line up for the Black Friday sales. He was decked out for the weather and prepared to camp out for his hard drives at Circuit City but even at midnight the lines were around the block. So he returned home and set the alarm for 4:30am. I decided to tag along, just to observe the madness. We arrive at Circuit City just before the doors opened at 5am. The line was hundreds of people long and I got in place at the back while John went up ahead to see what the procedure would be. Doors open, John slips in at the front and heads for his wish list items. I on the other hand, am left out in the cold. Literally. CC was doing crowd control and only letting a certain amount of people in the store at a time. John had the car keys with him so I was stuck. Now I love a good sale as much as the next person, but 48 minutes in a freezing line up was a little more than I bargained (or dressed) for when I rolled out of bed. By the time I got in the store I was frozen and grouchy and still had to wait another 20 minutes for John to make it through the check out. When we left the store we could see some awesome cloud formations in the distance so John decided to reward my patience with a trip to North Avenue beach for the sunrise.


I love how waiting in the cold line for CC was intolerable but freezing my friggin fingers off for photos at the lake was totally acceptable!


After that we hit Best Buy and I rocked a little Suffragette City as the drummer on Rock Band. Any doubts on whether or not I needed a $175 game totally flew out the window at that moment. The second that thing is in stock somewhere it will be mine. I am totally going to spend the month of December doing the vocal and percussion tracks-at the same time. I am going to Phil Collins all over that thing.


Happy We-Stole-Your-Land-and-Killed-Your-People Day!


Gratitude. I have lots to be thankful for. I have lots to be happy about it. And right now I am thankful that I didn’t have to be anywhere today. We skipped the family celebrations and hid out at home. We cooked too much food and ate too little of it. We played video games and watched My So Called Life all day. Now John is napping, resting up for his Black Friday assault on Circuit City. I am still watching MSCL and drinking wine. Lilo, Shaylah and Kele De are sleeping off their belly’s full of turkey. And finally, as I run the third load of dishes and pans I am thankful for my dishwasher.

Delcious new recipe to share-Apple, Cranberry and Pineapple Crisp. If anyone has any good recipes for the 8lbs of leftover turkey in my fridge, please send them my way!



When afternoon came it was freezin’ rain….


The weather is miserable in Chicago-freezing rain and wind. Perfect day to go to the lake!


Lilo was all excited on the drive there but once I opened the car door and the freezing rain hit us she was a little bit of a wussy. I just kept reminding myself of my northern upbringing and cheered on the elements-singing relevant lines from the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald into the wind and sleet. Photos here!