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Music For A Lunar Eclipse

John and I set the alarm for 3:30am so we wouldn’t miss the lunar eclipse. The alarm sounds and we roll out of bed ready for some big moon action. At first we had a great view from our back yard but we knew it wouldn’t last for long and would need to take a drive. I decided we would need a proper moon mix for the trip so I made this up and loaded it on my i-pod before heading to the lakefront.

Music for a Lunar Eclipse
Who Killed Mr. Moonlight Bauhaus
Plainsong The Cure
In The Cold Light Of Morning Placebo
The Moon Cat Power
Sail To The Moon (Brush The Cobwebs Of The Sky) Radiohead
Moon Sia
My Moon My Man Feist
Gentle Moon Sun Kil Moon
Hoppipolla Sigur Ros
Hello Earth Kate Bush
The Killing Moon Nouvelle Vague
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue Bob Dylan
Total Eclips Of The Heart Bonnie Tyler

We plugged in and went to Recreation Drive. From there we could see the moon, but it was hard to photograph, even with the zoom lense.
So off we went to Adler Planetarium where a few hardcore lunar fans were camped out with fancy telescopes and news crews. To be honest, we couldn’t even see the moon from there but the lake was beautiful. By now it’s 6am and we decided to stick it out for the sunrise. Back to recreation drive. It was so beautiful that I am tempted it to get up early more often. But man was today harsh with such a tiny amount of sleep.

Full set of photos here.



Dirty Mind Test

I get a lot of things in the mail that make me laugh. A donation request for an Alzheimer’s group who thought a good theme for the event was “An Affair to Remember”. Or the downs syndrome group who’s full name and logo spells out NADS. And this week I get the newsletter from a therapy dog group. I flip through and stop at page 3. The article is entitled “An Artful Attraction.” And this is the photo.


Did nobody in this organization giggle, grimace or guffaw at this photo and title? Really? Nobody?


“You have to believe we are magic”

On my most recent trip to my little local library branch I decide to check out the religion section and found this The Encylopedia of Magickal Ingredients. Looks like fun. While I don’t get into these things hardcore I have been known to carry a crystal or two-maybe I will learn something new. Then I start flipping through. There seems to be an obsession with breakfast foods. Here are some highlights…

Waffle (yes. a breakfast waffle)
Ruler: Mercury, Venus
“Type: Bread
Magickal Form: cooked

“The pockets of the waffle are very magickal. Fill them with honey or maple syrup and eat on the new moon to get work that makes you feel happy an satisfied. Fill the pickets with berries and eat on a Friday to draw a more fulfilling love life.”

Ruler: Adonis
Type: Meat
Magickal Form: cooked meat, grease, fat
“The pig is considered unclean in Jewish and Muslim beliefs, but by most pagan accounts it is regarded as a symbol of prosperity. The pig or boar is the sacred totem animal of Adonis, the Greek god of vegetation and renewal who was sacrificed annually to ensure the fertility of the earth. The expression “bringing home the bacon” refers to making money; eat bacon to increase earnings. Smear the fat or grease on your body to remove marital tension and forgive adulterous affairs.”

Ruler: Neptune
Type: Bread
Magickal Form: various

“Eat bagels to create illusions. The more you pile on top of the bagel, the more people will believe (and enjoy) the tall tales you tell. This is a great formula for fiction writers and political candidates. Never ever put ham ( or any pork product) on a bagel. It brings very bad luck. Meditate on the hole in the bagel when you need to pull a quick disappearing act (especially from creditors). Sesame bagels are for prosperity. Poppy bagels eaten before bed increase dream activity. Salt bagels get rid of inconsistencies and make one a better liar. Cinnamon raisin bagels make flattery come easy. the everything bagel makes wishes come true.”

And then under Candy we learn about the modern urban goddess Squat. It seems that Squat rules parking spots. “She’ll get you a legal one if you chant “Squat, Squat please give me a spot,” but she expects to be rewarded with a piece of chocolate left at the curbside front wheel. Without this sweet offering she may send a tow truck after your car”

Ketchup’s magickal form is drawn in the shape of a pentagram

And finally we have Urine-magickal form: fresh. “Urine is very powerful for marking territory. If you want to obtain a certain property., spread a drop of your urine on the boundaries of the four corners of the land For apartments and homes, please be civilized with your magick. Simply go to the toilet and pee while you visualize yourself buying or renting the space.”

Did you know the magickal form of dogs is in the bark? When you hear a barking dog you should know that a message from the lunar goddess is on the way. What a nice segue into last nights late night wake up call. OK not really a wake up call for me but the neighbors probably saw it that way. 2am Lilo starts going ballistic at the bedroom door to the outside deck. I guess the lunar goddess wanted me to know that the raccoons were back! So I turn off the lights and grab a flashlight for the best view. Turns out I have a one-eyed raccoon in my tree!


Lilo kept me up until about 3am announcing the arrival of each raccoon-there were at least three. They have been coming by quite a bit lately which is fun. I like to hear their little chitter chatter as they climb around.

And let’s leave this post with this one.

Ruler: Venus
Type: Fabric
Magickal Form: SEX STAINED
To keep a partner faithful or to get a lover to return to you, cut off a small corner of a bedsheet you have had sex together on. Glue it to the back of a picture of both of you and anoint the four corners of the photo with almond oil. Place under the bed and he or she will love only you or return to love you alone.”


“Well, looks like we got ourselves a reader.”

The best part about the last Harry Potter book is that it got me reading again. Since I finished it I have also read…

As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann

Acacia by David Anthony Durham

Rant An Oral Biography of Buster Casey
by Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight Club)

Each book is radically different from the other and I recommend all three. Rant was probably my favorite. I love a book that is so unique that you just have to shake your head and wonder how the hell he came up with it all. And Party Crashing sounds like so much fun (inside joke for those of you who have read it). But Acacia is the first of a series and I will be keeping an ear out for the next book.

I also recommend the library. That’s how I have been picking my reads. I just walk into my local library and grab whatever looks good from the front rack. I am not sure what’s next. I have a few more from the library and I have a whole book case of reads I have picked up from rummage sales and thrift stores. New or old, new or old. Sometimes it’s those little decisions that get ya.

And on a side note since it’s not really worth a whole post… today as I was sitting in my living room finishing Rant I heard the tell-tale sound of clippity cloppity. I look up and there’s a horse and carriage traveling down my street. It was really, really weird.


(not so little) Fluffy Clouds

“We can never have enough of nature. We must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features, the sea-coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decaying trees, the thunder-cloud, and the rain.”

Henry David Thoreau

So. Yesterday my flight from NY was delayed about an hour and as soon as we pulled away the pilot announces that there are weather problems between NY and Chicago and that we might be delayed. About another hour on the tarmac and suddenly we are cleared to leave. As we reach our cruising altitude chatty Mc Pilot lets us know that the 8 or 9 planes behind us will not be cleared for take off for more than two hours-we were one of the last flights out over the Midwest! About half way through he lets us know that we can see the storm clouds that are terrorizing the Midwest off to the right. I grab my camera.

Full Set Here.

I have to say it was one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. Our pilot informed us that the peak of the clouds were at 50,000 feet and were causing 2inch diameter hail down below. We were being asked to take the South approach into O’Hare and right behind us the storm was closing in. A few minutes after we cleared the towers air traffic control was evacuated due to funnel clouds! One of the last planes out of NY and the last planes into Chicago! Our pilot kindly warned us that we had maybe 90 minutes before the storm hit. I tore through the terminal to baggage claim and jumped in a cab, hoping to beat the weather. We almost made it. Just as we turned on to Irving Park the rain hit and suddenly the garbage cans on the street exploded into the air-trash swirling everywhere. Trees bending over in the wind, people running for cover-it was scary. Then we turned on to tree lined side streets. HUGE branches started flying into the road, on to the cab! My driver was trying to steer around them and pointing to a giant branch as it collapsed onto a house! We pull up in front of my house and he was kind enough to lift my suitcase out of the trunk before taking off, trying to get away from all the trees! It’s a short distance from the street to my front porch but I was still drenched. It was like my luggage and I had been dunked in Lake Michigan!

After it all died down Lilo and I took a walk to survey the damage. One block over was trashed, one block up trashed-we were fine! It’s pretty amazing that all of our trees survived with no damage whatsoever. Then the rain hit again and our basement started taking in water. I spent an hour in the basement sweeping water into the drain. There was so much water that I could have floated a rubber duck through my basement. I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my rubber ducks during the decluttering kick because it would have made a good photo.

So I am home, it hasn’t rained yet today and I don’t have to go back to New York until Mid-October. Life is good.


Kele De…Scares Me Sometimes


Puppets and Bath Bombs and Nitro, Oh My!

So I got back to the hotel at 10:46pm, leaving my friends to their wild night because I was tired and wanted to pack and go to bed. Now it’s nearly 2am. Where did the night go? Try…

Playing with my new puppet friends! At the end of our meetings we were given a cute little puppet to remember the day. I announced to the group that if anyone did want theirs that I would happily take them. I ended up with six. As I am leaving a woman I haven’t really met asked me if I would trade one of my pigs for a different puppet. I felt bad, because while I did have two flying pigs I really didn’t want to give one up. When I declined she said, “Oh I understand. I have kids too.” I smiled and walked away saying under my breath, “but I don’t have any kids. I am just weird.” Ah the story of my life summed up in one simple puppet encounter.

I took a bath with my green Lush bath bomb. I like to take baths in hotels for the following reasons…
A. They are cleaner than my tub (hopefully),
B. I can use a bath bomb which can be messy and not have to clean it up (see A.)
C. I love taking hotel baths in the dark while listening to Low “Things We Lost In The Fire”

This photo makes me question A.

And just when I have soaked myself to slumberland I flip the channels and there is American Gladiators on ESPN classics! Awesome! On a side note-does VH-1 no longer play videos? I swear that all they ever show is Rock of Love and Hogan Knows Best. It’s RIDICULOUS. And the worst part is that I am sitting here watching the Rock of Love tour bus episode that I have now seen three times since I have been here. I am RIDICULOUS. And now I am going to bed.


Honk Honk

YouTube Preview Image
I am not sure if it was the fact that I was so tired or if it was just so damn sweet, but this almost made me cry today. I think it was supposed to be a motivation piece to encourage teamwork but all it made me think was, “Geese are so much nicer than people”, and “wow that’s an annoying song”.