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New York….Again

So last night I was here…

The Chicago Lakefront with my husband and dog.

Today I am here…

A swanky New York Hotel which I will now call home until Friday morning.
I requested a goldfish to keep me company. I call him Sheldon.

As far as fish go, he’s not very relaxing. In fact, he’s making me a little anxious. He won’t chill out, he just keeps trying to escape. It’s kind of sad. Here we are together, two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl-wait that sounds familiar.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here
-Pink Floyd

Sigh. It’s 1am eastern time so I should try to go to sleep. My first meeting is at 10am tomorrow. 10am-8:30pm. Poor Sheldon will be so lonely.


Fire Drum Circle or What I Did Last Night

It was the full moon drum jam last night. I either need to bring a drum or learn how to spin because I am not one to stand on the side lines. But last night that’s exactly what I did and took a lot of photos. You can see the full set at my Flickr account.

These three women reminded my of sirens. They were a powerful trio-there’s a whole series of them on Flickr.


Bristol Ren Fest

John and I spent our anniversary at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Always a good time. We enjoyed one of the drum and bagpipe bands-Tartanic. We like them every year so I bought the cd.

We enjoyed wildlife in the pond-check out the 9 million baby bullheads! That pond is going to be insane when they grow up!

We almost bought this mask but it was slightly damaged and they wouldn’t accept our bargain offer.

But really. This was worth the price of admission alone.


Blinded By The Light

This has been my favorite song since it was on the Blow soundtrack in 2001. I couldn’t stop playing it at first. I would throw wild parties at the old place on Halsted and Belmont and somewhere in the middle of the night my friends would find me rocking out in the dark to this song. I took it with me to Australia and I remember standing on the front of the boat at the Great Barrier Reef listening to it on my headset with the spray from the Coral Sea drenching me and I was the only person out in the wind and waves so I was singing along. I have performed it at karaoke. I love to play it in the car and sing it as loud as I can. This version is a video for tv so the song is shorter and misses the best part-the real song is 7:02.

YouTube Preview Image

Blinded by the light
Revved up like a Deuce
Another runner in the night
[repeat to fade]

Madman drummers bummers Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat
In the dumps with the mumps as the adolescent pumps his way in to his hat
With a boulder on my shoulder feeling kinda’ older I tripped the merry go round
With this very unpleasing sneezing and wheezing the calliope crashed to the ground

The calliope crashed to the ground and she was blinded by the light,
revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.

Blinded by the light
Revved up like a Deuce
Another runner in the night
[repeat to fade]

Some silicone sister with her manager mister told me I got what it takes
She said I’ll turn you on sonny to something strong play the song with the funky break
And go kart Mozart was checkin’ out the weather chart see if it was safe outside
And little Early Pearly came by in his curly wurly and asked me if I needed a ride

Asked me if I needed a ride
And she was blinded by the light
Revved up like a deuce
Another runner in the night

Blinded by the light
She got down but she never got tight
She’s gonna make it through the night
She’s gonna make it through the night

Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun, but mama
That’s where the fun is

Some brimstone baritone anti cyclone rolling stone preacher from the east
Says Dethrone the Dictaphone hit it in his funny bone and that’s where they expect it least
And some new mown chaperone was standing in
The corner watching the young girls dance
And some fresh sewn moonstone was messing with his frozen zone reminding him of romance

The calliope crashed to the ground
And she was blinded by the light
revved up like a deuce
Another runner in the night

Blinded by the light
Revved up like a Deuce
Another runner in the night
[repeat to fade]

Scott with a slingshot finally found a tender spot and throws his lover in the sand
and some bloodshot forget me not his daddy’s within earshot save the buckshot turn up the band.

She got down but she never got tight she’s gonna’ make it through the night.

But what does it all mean?


Friday Night

I love my goof ball husband. For 8 years now. Yep. This weekend is our 8th anniversary. Crazy.

Here’s the moon at 96%full.

Saturday is the full moon but Spunn will be celebrating on Sunday with a drum circle at the lakefront. I had a great time last month and plan on being there this month. Anyone want to join me?


Pipecleaner Man Dance

Oh thank you to Ironic1 for posting this. He is obviously more web savvy than I and was able to embed it. I like song E with the numbers. The whole thing made me giggle with joy. Unlike my reaction to having to watch the final 10 0n So You Think You Can Dance all perform the same damn Wade Robson routine to the same god awful John Mayer song.
First. Who wants to watch the same solo ten times? Second. Who wants to hear “Waiting On The World To Change”-ten times??? It was just a big fast-forward fest for me. Except for Lacey and Sarah. I love those ladies.
(ps as I am writing this John is digging through my hair like a monkey searching for bugs. I have no idea why. Just thought I would share.)


I’ve Got Your Number

So my cell phone rings at 9:30 am and it’s my mother.

Laurie: Hello Mother.
Mom: (laughing) Well how are you feeling today?
Laurie: (confused)Fiinne.
Mom: You called me last night to tease me about your apple pie.
Laurie: No I didn’t.
Mom: Yes you did! You called me at midnight and you sounded really out of it. You said that John was sleeping and you were eating delicious apple pie. You sounded really out of it and I asked if you were on drugs or drunk.
Laurie: No I didn’t! It wasn’t me!
Mom: Yes it was!

This goes on for a minute-her more demanding and me more shocked.

At this point bizarre self doubt kicks in and I hang up to check my dialed calls-the whole time thinking, “Do I call people in the middle of the night without knowing it???” No. I don’t. So I call her back and she’s insisting it was me. I explained that John and I were still awake at that time and there’s no way I made that call. She still doesn’t believe me because she talked to that person for a long time and they ended the call with the fake me saying they would call her tomorrow.

Now some of you know my mom has had some health problems lately and after the bizarre self doubt that I might me making mysterious midnight calls the thought entered my mind that my mother might be losing it. But her husband Jack was there too. So now she is trying to figure out how to check her call records and we’ll see if we find the culprit.

Prank calls are nothing new to my family. When I was growing up it was mainly just my mother and me in the house. She had a job as an Income Maintenance Worker (welfare worker) and would get harassed occasionally so she listed the phone under my name instead of hers. In the phonebook, a woman’s name instead of a man and woman or a plain initial is a freak magnet. We got so many obscene calls, prank calls, etc. Some were gross, some were pathetic and some were pretty funny. I use to mock the perverts about their technigue-“heavy breathing? That’s the best you can do?” -but my mom didn’t want me to piss one off and have him come and “show” me. I will add that to my good mom advice list, “Don’t taunt the perverts.”

Here are my top three memorable prank calls

1. This one is really creepy and very similar to the one my mom got last night. I was in 6th grade and I stayed home sick from school. I am laying in bed and the phone rings and when I pick it up it sounds like a woman is crying. My sister was studying in England at the time and I thought it was her. “Jenny?” This gives the pervert on the line an in and he says yes. He (posing as she) tells me that someone tried to attack her and starts asking me all these questions about sex. Had I ever done it, have any of my friends ever done it, etc. I can still hear the voice in my head and remember how upsetting the call was. I was scared for my sister but I didn’t know what to do. As I got older I realized it wasn’t her. I never told anyone. In fact, the first time Jenny will hear about this is now.

2. This one might be creepy but I still think it was fun as far as prank calls go. I am in high school and some one called really early in the morning. I answer the phone, obviously annoyed. He asks for someone, I explain that he has the wrong number and that he woke me up. He apologizes and we keep talking and it ends with him singing me a lullaby.

3. This one was just a few months ago. It’s 1am and as usual John and I are still awake. The home phone rings and we assume it’s going to be Chris or Claire calling from the Pacific time zone. We answer on speaker phone and it’s some kids doing South Park impersonations. Boy did they pick the right house-we weren’t pissed off at being woken up, we like South Park and we thought it was funny. So they are yelling “Timmy!” in the Timmy voice and we do it back and fourth and they are starting to giggle and John says, “Jimmy!” in the Jimmy voice and the kids explode into giggles and hang up. We win.

Just got the update from mom. She called the number back and got an answering machine. Now we think that it wasn’t a prank, but a real wrong number. The caller was strung out or drunk and thought she was talking to her mother. And my mother just assumed it was me, asked where John was, etc. At one point it seemed like the fake me wanted to confess something and my mom tried to get it out of her, but she didn’t say. And now we’ll never know.


Now That’s A Mini Bar!

I know hotel mini bars are over priced but I thought there was no charge for looking. In addition to the $10 bottle of Evian and the $12 bag of nuts they have this-the Mile High Kit.

My mini bar is selling vibrators! Let’s see me try to explain that charge on the corporate card!