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What Do You Want To Forget?



Today my block held a party. It was odd. It is so hard to make new friends when you get old. It seemed that everyone else came with kids or at least as a couple. John had to work so it was just Lilo and me. And nobody really talked to us except the 12 year old girl who I knew already. It was awkward. We just stood there in the middle of everyone and were almost completely ignored. I tried to talk to a few moms but with little result. So we went home. I came back later without Lilo. Still no reaction. Sigh. I could have tried a bit harder, but just didn’t have it in me. And it’s been a year now since the K’s moved to Canada. Sigh. If they were still here we so would have been having wine and cheese on the deck tonight.




Cecil-The Purple Bellied Scurge of the Sea!

Cecil went with us to Hollywood Video after the carnival.

There was a long line while we were trying to rent Black Snake Moan. Cecil decided to entertain the two sales clerks. Cecil was steppin to the Stomp the Yard preview, hanging out on the counter. The more the sales clerks ignored Cecil, the more he kept trying to get their attention. He would cock his head at them, dance around-generally making a spectacle of himself. No reaction. How could anyone resist him? He’s a very charismatic pirate snake. I just don’t get it.


Friday Night Fun Fest

Tonight we visited the NBGC Family Fun Fest. It was the perfect night for a carnival-cool weather, a full moon and not too crowded. The crowd was 14 year old tramps, 40 year old tramps, bikers and obsessive gamblers. Case in point-

You might think that John was really taking this picture of me cuz I look kinda adorable-but really it’s about the woman in white. While we were walking by the splashdown game (you drop quarters through a slot and try to push layers of quarters, prize chips etc down to a sliding ramp that then piles up enough to push them out to you) we notice her call over the carnie and ask him to take her cash card and get her $50! Let me say that again, louder this time-SHE TRIED TO GIVE HIM HER CASH CARD AND PIN NUMBER. A CARNIE! It was insane. She kept chain smoking and calling friends, asking them to bring her more money. Finally she got the carnie to watch her machine while she ran to get more cash. While she was gone I asked the carnies about her. The one guy said that in all his years running games he had never seen that happen before.
In all my years of carnival attending I had never seen this before-Ham and Bacon.

I have no idea why ham and bacon are in quotation marks. The TWO POUNDS of bacon that I won seemed pretty real. Yes folks, I won two pounds of bacon. And a cool squishy bouncy ball thing, a duckie and a pirate snake that we named Cecil, the purple bellied scurge of the sea! The duckie was sacrificed to Lilo as a “we’re sorry you had to stay home while we went to the carnival and ate corn dogs and pizza puffs” gift.

And the soundtrack for the evening-the UFO Michael Schenker cover band! Oh, I’m sorry-TRIBUTE band.


Top Of The World…Almost

Where have I been? Try top of the Sears Tower-twice! No Skydeck-no railings, no safety netting-the roof! Sometimes my job gets me to cool places. This was one of the coolest.

Tallest building in the US and one of the tallest in the world.

The top of the Sears Tower is the highest point in Illinois. The tip of its highest antenna is 527 m (1,730 ft) or 708 m (2,325 ft) above sea level, its roof is 442 m (1,451 ft) or 623 m (2,046 ft) above sea level.

We were filming something fun for Fox Television. I will post the viewing schedule soon!


At The End Of A Long Day…

It’s nice to know there’s a dog beach.


I Search YouTube So You Don’t Have To

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