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Happy Dirty Dog Beach Dog

For those of you who just can’t get enough of Lilo and other assorted doggies playing at the beach-more photos here


Happy Birthday to Me!

Yay birthday! It’s has been a delightful 35th birthday. Thanks to everyone for the calls and e-mails! I wish I could post MP 3’s for the wonderful serenades I have had! If I wasn’t the one getting all the phone calls I would think it was Lilo’s birthday and not mine!

First we went to Sam and Willy’s-my favorite pet store for a birthday photo shoot in the booth! And of course Lilo and the kitties got presents while we were there. Then it was off to a store for a gift for me but we got sidetracked on the way and ended up at ANOTHER pet store-Wiggleyville-more presents! For me we went to Equinox which is usually one of my favorite shops-but since we have started the de-cluttering campaign I just don’t feel like buying anymore, but it was still fun to browse.
Next stop the dog beach! It was a beautiful day in Chicago. Sunny and really warm but not sweaty hot. Lilo played for almost an hour. I will post some cute photos from the beach later on.
Then it was time for dinner. We tried a new BBQ place that I have been reading about that is close to our house. While we were waiting for our order we went to another park and Lilo got to play again! Dinner in our backyard-first time this year! The food was was amazing. You know how I love BBQ-it was our wedding dinner! This place is the best BBQ I have ever had. It’s called Smoque

For those of you who love Fat Willy’s you have to try Smoque-it’s even better and cheaper! The beef brisket melts in your mouth, the pulled pork was perfectly tender and the chicken was so juicy. The place is very inexpensive and is now on my cell phone speed dial. I highly suggest you check them out. I love finding great places to eat in the neighborhood!


The rest of the night has been relaxing around the house. No wild parties for this old lady! It’s 11pm and I am thinking about de-cluttering the bedroom closet! Ooohh the saucy, big city life I lead!


Flowers, Birthday’s and New Laptops!

This is super fun-Flower Garden. You just click any where on the screen and…well I won’t ruin the surprise…

And it’s my birthday! I am currently writing on my new laptop. It’s a HP Pavillion dv2310us. It’s new and unfamiliar. We have not bonded yet. It’s rough, getting to know someone new. And John was up until 6:30am moving things off my old hard drive on to this one. I of course just keep asking, when do I get this back, and why does it do this. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just haven’t got used to it. It feels weird. I am still nervous to see how I-Tunes transfers over. Anyway. I am sure we will have a nice life together-especially since we paid the $300 for the two year spills, cracks, drops etc plan!


That’s What You Get For Being Mean

OK. Maybe being devoured is a little harsh, but…

NANNING, April 21 (Xinhua) — A crocodile was killed by snipers on Saturday to recover evidence of Friday’s tragedy in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
The crocodile was shot dead at 8 p.m. Saturday with approval of the local forestry department.
The snipers lured the crocodiles with pork and shoot one that crawled ashore to death with seven bullets. Legal medical experts anatomized body of the creature and found remains of a human being, therefore confirmed the missing child was eaten by the crocodiles. The tragedy occurred at about 6 p.m. on Friday, when a pupil surnamed Liu and three other children from Xiantian Primary School climbed over the fence of a crocodile pool which had been temporarily closed.
The children shot the animals with catapults and beat them with wooden sticks. One of the irritated alligators bit Liu’s clothes and dragged him into water, where he was eaten by a swarm of alligators.

Full story here
OK. Yes I know this is a very sad story but I am sorry… It’s an act of cruelty to throw rocks from behind a fence, it’s whole other thing to CLIMB INTO THE PIT!

*Now that I know how many people read this site I sometimes think about editing what I say. Like does this make me look a little crazy and mean? John says no, but “then again I married you”. Ahhhaaaahhhhaa. So please take this above post and any others with a grain of salt. And under no circumstances climb into a pit of crocodiles.*



The animals are nothing but furry piles of shedding hair right now. Kele De is obsessed with being brushed-if you are brushing your own hair she will yowl until you get her brush out and do the same to her! I am trying to sweep and vacuum non-stop but even with my Dyson Animal there’s now way to keep up. Sigh. There will be no invitations for my allergic friends any time soon!




Wine + Laptop = BAAAADDDDD

So people have asked where I have been. On our last night in Vancouver I managed to spill red wine on/in my laptop. John thinks the hard drive will be fine but the laptop itself is toast. I miss my baby. I love to lay in bed and watch tv while surfing the web, reading my favorite blogs, writing mine… We have the main computer but that’s John’s other wife so it’s hard to get any time alone with her. I’ve accepted that I need to get a new laptop but John just said it could be 2 or 3 weeks before he can find a good deal. AND my bedroom DVD player has bit the dust. Technology is not my friend this week.
Wish me luck on the old hard drive-all of my vacation photos, my I-tunes, my writing…I am so frustrated. And John’s stupid computer doesn’t have the photo stuff I need… AAAIIIIGGGGGHHHHHH.
I am going to bed.


Sea lions

sea lions-the no whales consolation prize.