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Hip Hopping to Hell

So tonight I started Hip Hop dance class. When the poster went up I was so psyched. Visions of So You Think You Can Dance raced through my head. I tried to recruit my friends and coworkers-we would get so good that we could do a routine at the next full company meeting- Pussy Cat Dolls style. It was going to be awesome. Tuesday rolled around and I couldn’t get anyone to go so I chickened out. Poor Jay showed up and did the class alone. He changed his Myspace name to be Hip Hop Hurts! Tonight JP and I made it to class at 7:30. Within 15 minutes I was so out of breath that I wanted to cry. By 8:05 JP and I wanted to quit. But we stuck it out to 8:30. Now back at home my feet hurt, my back hurts and tomorrow it’s only going to feel worse. I will go back, but I really need a cool hip hop outfit. The faded grey yoga pants and Pink t-shirt with a black bear and Duluth Minnesota on it just didn’t give me the street cred I needed.