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The Great Dalmuti!

Goodtimes at Dawn’s penthouse-
This is my new favorite card game-The Great Dalmuti. Any game where costumes, hats in this case, are involved is fun by me! JP spent some time as royalty-

By the way-he just confessed to cheating! That boy will do anything to wear a crown.

The game was made all the more entertaining by my new beer-Edmund Fitzgerald. When we walked in the liquor store Great Lakes Brewing Company caught my eye and when I saw the picture of the doomed lake freighter I just couldn’t say no. Plus it’s fun to say “I got wrecked on Edmund Fitzgerald!” (and I did say this many times during the party.)


Moscow Cats Theatre

We had been waiting for this since October 27-Moscow Cats Theatre
Did it live up to our high hopes and dreams? Not really. Was it chock full of magical kitties? Yes. Cute doggie? Yes. Scary, creepy Russian Clown who probably eats babies for breakfast? Unfortunately, yes.

Any part that involved kitties or the dog was delightful. Really, any time a cat did anything-from as basic as running across the stage to as exciting as a hand stand-was awesome. One kitty was a super actor. He was supposed to be mean, crabby kitty and he would sit there looking crabby and anytime the scary clown guy tried to touch him he would snap and paw at him. (By this point we hated clown guy and wanted the kitty to rip his face off.) You might think that the kitty really was mean rather than performing but later on the kitty was pet by audience members with no crabbiness.
The best part was when Midwest Melissa’s hubby Jim was chosen to go up on stage. He was such a good sport super star!

If I block out all the weird ass Russian clowns I like the show. But a lot of the show is this annoying clowning. And the main guy would do these little boring dance moves and motion for the audience to clap for him. I wanted to stand up and start screaming, “Stop clapping! You’re only encouraging him to do more bad clowning!” And the other clowns were just as annoying and unattractive. And sometimes downright creepy-(weird elephant nightmare robots!)
If I had paid $60 for this show I would have been furious. But it was a gift so I can focus on the good things. I will say that I saw some super kitties do neat tricks. I did laugh quite a bit. And it’s fun to mock the ugly Russian clown. Who Melissa will only refer to as “It”.


He Did What With What??!!

Earlier on this blog I have posted about my hometown, Superior WI/Duluth MN and how we like to eat the wild game. I have admitted to eating Trainkill-a moose that was hit by a train. But I have never, I repeat, never done this with a carcass-

Wisconsin man faces charges for having sex with roadkill.

Bryan James Hathaway, 20, of Superior, Wi is going to stand tall before the man on a misdemeanor charge of sexual gratification with an animal. Apparently he saw a dead deer along the side of the road near Duluth, MN. Mr Hathaway decided that humping it was a fantastic idea.

Hathaway could serve a prison term of up to two years because of a previous conviction. Yes, he’s done this before. He’s a repeat offender.

Here’s the Smoking Gun documents.

Dad-I can’t believe you never told me about this!!! And that it never made PDD!