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We’re On TV!

OK. Really we’re on the security camera at Jewel. They overcharged me for my fancy shredded cheese and we were at the desk getting our money back. And because it was their fault we got one free! Very exciting. I am trying to start cooking “fancy” meals again. By fancy I mean things that require recipes and lots of ingredients. Tonight is Butternut Squash Lasagne or Beef Burgonion.



I guess this is from a few years back and supposedly they rescued all but one of the ducklings. It still depresses me. When I worked on the railroad a mother duck crossed right in front of us with all her babies and we went right over them. I was too sad to see if any made it. I made the mistake of checking on a fawn once. I knew we had hit it but I needed to make sure it was dead and not just injured and in pain. It was dead. It was awful. And don’t even get me started on the golden retriever…