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The Pitbull Next Door

The neighbors got a cute little puppy for Thanksgiving. A cute little white pitbull puppy. I am less than thrilled. I feel bad stereotyping a dog, or my neighbors, but I can’t help it. When we first moved into the house the kids wanted to meet Lilo and I had this naive fantasy that I would be the cool lady on the block so I went over to let them play with her. Big mistake. Right away I could see that the boys had no respect for animals and the youngest was potentially dangerous. When Lilo wouldn’t do what he told her to he would yank on her leash and I could tell by his face that he wanted to hurt her-that if I hadn’t been there he would have. Then he fell down the stairs and told his Dad that Lilo had attacked him! Luckily Dad saw what happened or we could have had a major problem on our hands. That same day the kids told me that they use to have a pit but it got too mean and they got rid of it. So 2.5 years later they have decided to try again. When I saw the Dad outside I said, “cute puppy” and he replied, “for now-we’ll see what he’s like in 6 months.” Awesome. And I know that some people work really hard and train the dogs and they are great. But I also know that a lot of the sweet family dogs can turn in an instant. And yes I know that any breed of dog can be crazy-but if a golden retriever freaks out and tries to kill someone you can hit it with a baseball bat and it will probably let go. Not a pitbull. It will just get more pissed off and try to kill you too.
So today the family was out in the backyard with the dog and the kids were playing a really fun game. Kick the big rubber ball at the puppies face as hard as you can! ahahahaha. Dad’s response? “If the dog gets it’s jaws on the ball he’ll break it.” Not-hey play sweet with the puppy or be nice to the puppy or don’t torture the potential killer and make it aggressive and fearful! AAAIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH.
So. The new giant fence has moved up on our home improvement list!
I am now going up to my room to watch a happy dog movie-Eight Below.


The Only Turkey I Made Today

And by “made” I mean plugged in. And don’t act like your suprised that we would have a giant, inflatible, light up turkey in our front yard.