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This Is the Last One, I Promise!

It’s a Lilo Chicken!


And the Treat Goes On…

For those of you who think that I only dress up Lilo and her doggie friends, I give you..
Kele De.

Few things make me happier than this picture

She looks like she should be at the Moulin Rouge

Shaylah thinks she’s getting off easy…


It’s a Shaylah Bug!


260 Trick or Treaters Later…

Yes. We used a counter to track our trick or treaters this year. Between 5:30 and 9pm we had 260 of them, give or take a few! We deck the house out and wear wild costumes. We hand out good candy and bubble stuff. We burn incense and have a fog machine AND a bubble machine. We play cool music. We’re that house on the block that everyone knows. I LOVE IT! I really do! But next year I need a much warmer costume!

John was very scary

I was very magical

While I love the home-bound Halloween I do miss trick or treating with my sister’s kids. Ethan was a hippy, Nathaniel was Kramer and Tasha was a fairy. Can you tell I did Tasha’s costume and make-up? Te he! I also LOVE our archway.


Happy Halloween!

It’s Super Lilo!

Flying through the greenroom (we hum the Superman Theme during this)

Clown Wrigley!


Let’s See Them Do This On America’s Next Top Model!

Underwater Nude Model Bitten by Shark on Photo Shoot; ‘We Push the Envelope’

Todd Essick’s website has some really cool photos that are even better when you realize that the women are diving with wild sealife. It’s like watching the special features on Open Water and realizing that those are real sharks, in the real ocean-not a sound stage. Awesome.

Let’s see Melrose do that! (For those like John H. who do not watch ANTM-Melrose is the girl you hate but who’s really kicking ass)


Baby Shower

Remember that episode of Sex & the City where Carrie and the girls went to Conneticut or somewhere for a baby shower? Well today I kind of acted that out minus the convertible and the 3 girlfriends. I left the big city for St. John Indiana for Matt & Karin’s baby shower. When I pulled up outside the big fancy house there were lots of big cars and SUV’s lining the street and well-dressed women were streaming into the house carrying huge armfull’s of gifts. It was a little intimidating! It turned out to be fun! It was my first baby shower believe or not. I got them gifts from Be By Baby which is way too cute. Few things get your mommy clock ticking more than walking into that store. I bought her these adorable little baby legwarmer things called Baby Legs. Damn are these things cute. I got the rainbow striped. And something called a bumkin which covers cloth diapers. And for Matt, A Little Cubs Fan bib!


Stand N Stuff Taco Shells!

I am quite pleased with this new product. Taco shells that don’t tip over!


Molly & Lilo

They look goofy, but oh so happy!