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Another Myspace Quiz

I thought some of mine came up as creepy and right on!


So, here’s how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: Butterfly Caught Paul Daley Remix (Massive Attack)

Waking Up: Androgenous (The Replacements)

First Day At School: Even the Nights Are Better (Air Supply)

Falling In Love: Diggin A Grave (Micah P Hinson and the Opera Circuit)

Fight Song: Counting 5-4-3-2-1 (Thursday)-this one was eerily perfect for a fight song

Breaking Up: When The Lights Go Out (The Black Keys)=perfect

Prom: Reminicing (The Little River Band)-awesome

Life’s OK: Over and Over (Hot Chip)

Mental Breakdown: Never Gonna Come Back Down (Mike Doughty with BT)-perfect for a mental breakdown I must say!

Driving: Sweet Lady Luck (Whitesnake)

Flashback: Fulwood Babylon (The Long Blondes)

Getting Back Together: The Avalanche (Sufjan Stevens)

Wedding: Sexy Ladies Let Me Talk To You (Justin Timberlake)

Birth of Child: Stay Young (Sugarplum Fairy)-cool!

Final Battle: Does It Matter Now(Peter Bjorn and John)

Death Scene: Tangled up in Blue (Bob Dylan)

Funeral Song: Alegria (Gypsy Kings)

Ending Credits: Final Straw (REM)


Kt Tunstall-why are you on every tv show???

It started with American Idol and Katharine McPhee singing that black horse and the cherry tree song. Then she was on So You Think You Can Dance. Everytime a girl was eliminated they played that Beautiful Girl/Suddenly I See song. Then I heard it on America’s Next Top Model, Dancing With The Stars, tonight on Six Degrees and there were a least two other shows. Now the question is, and I know I am naive for even thinking it…does her label pay for this? Of course it does. Or maybe it started off nice enough with a natural, unplanned, unbribed music selection by McPhee and then they started putting it everywhere. That album came out in November of 2004! And now it’s a biggish deal. And what’s weird is I found it in my bookcase today. I had no idea I had it but I must have got it from a gift box from a friend I have who works at a label. And someone gave me another copy this week that they had in lost and found. I am surrounded by Kt Tunstall. I actually kind of like her, but I am afraid they are going to James Blunt Beautiful her to death.

Next subject. The Audrey Hepburn Funny Face AC/DC ad pisses me off. I hate when THEY
A. Use AC/DC in commercials. I do have a soft spot for the Nike Awake commercial though but at least that doesn’t have the B piss off factor
B. Take classic icons and clip them from their movies and manipulate them into corporate whores. No dancing in Gap ads, no Fred Astaire with vacuum cleaners, John Wayne selling whatever it was. It’s just wrong. If you are alive and chose to be a corporate whore that’s your own choice (hell I would do it) but don’t let the estate of dead people pimp out the dead.
As I am writing this the damn Gap ad is on again. Twice in one commercial break. Someone’s getting a refund on part of their ad buy. Unless they did it intentionally to torture people like me. I like to think that I am powerful enough in the universe that a major corporation would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to piss me off. It’s all about me people. All about me.


Fun with Chimps

So I love the commercials for Career Builder with all the monkees. What I don’t understand is why the guy in the commercial wants a different job. Really? What’s better than a chimp playing with bubble wrap? How entertaining is that? I think it’s fun at my job-blue men, dogs, toys, etc. But I am sorry, that can’t compete with chimps. Well, I will admit that chimps are prone to face eating. Lilo and Wrigley may beg quite a bit but if they don’t get a treat they won’t try to eat your face and chomp on your thumb, rip off your arm… Anyway.
The other fun thing you can do after watching the commercials is send a Monk E Mail. I suggest taking the extra time and record them with your own voice. That’s your homework. I feel like crap so I think you should e-mail me an entertaining Monk-E-Mail so I have something to look forward to in my unable to talk, unable to breathe through my nose existance. Don’t worry that I may be a harsh critic. Remember, I’m on vicodin.


My Trip to the ER!

So I have been fighting this miserable cold for over a week. With all the travelling and heavy work load I didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t take any sick time. And I hate anti-biotics. I just think they weaken you for something even worse. I like to think of my immune system fighting it’s own little war down there and everytime it wins a battle it becomes smarter and stronger. This afternoon I finally broke down and called the doctor and made an appt for tomorrow. But today during a marketing meeting I used some nasal spary and blew my nose and my head blew up. Well, not literally, but all of a sudden I felt my ears just go kaboom. It was so awful. It hurt so bad. That was the final straw. Off to the emergency room. It was our first time at the hospital as husband and wife and it was fun to change our marital status with Illinois Masonic. And everyone there was so nice. The lady checking me in noticed that I was in the ER once for falling off a horse. That was awesome. While I was there two CTA trains collided so I was suddenly in the middle of an ER episode. Nothing that exciting happened this time. I was very entertained by the curtain. It had this wild alphabet theme that was fun to figure out. It’s also fun to listen to other people’s injuries. Little boy climbing on garbage can cut himself on a fence. He was sad that he scared his dad. A hospital cleaning woman sprayed her eyes with industrial cleaner. And a guy chopped himself up working on an industrial fan but waited over 24 hours to get it looked at. I guess from the sounds and the description that it was pretty gross.
It turns out I have an upper respiratory infection, common cold and something else I can’t remember. 4 prescriptions! And one of them is Vicodin! Which I just took. And now am paranoid that I will have some crazy ass bad reaction and die. Is paranoia a side effect of an URI?


The One Good Thing About Being Sick….

You can spend an entire day watching Season 1 & 1/2 of Season 2 of Weeds.

It’s sooooooooo goooooooood.



It’s so horrible I can’t even begin…

Ashlee Simpson to star as Roxy Hart in the London production of Chicago.

And why will she just not admit that she got a nose job? Who is she trying to kid? Click here to see her godawful performance and interview.

Oh! And this is the perfect time to entertain you by sending you to the Gofugyourself.com archive of Ashlee and Jessica bashing. Warning. There is lots to read. You may laugh until you cry. Don’t try to resist it. Just let it out.


The Word of the Day is….Boston

More lobsters. Cuz damn are they tasty. Crab claws, fried shrimp, Boddingtons and Lobster stuffed with shrimp and scallops. Damn I love Boston (yyaaaayyyy!)

Part of the Partisans by Andrzej Pitynski. It is kind of scary, especially at night but it seems like a very sacred piece (which is why I wouldn’t let Dan and John climb up on it, even though we had been drinking and it would have been a cool picture). I wondered why such a powerful work was basically in the middle of nowhere. So I did a little research and found out the statue is very controversial here in Boston (yyyaaayyyy!). It’s a memorial to the Polish underground fighters who battled the German and Soviet forces during World War II and later the communist regime of Poland.

AND now we are back in the hotel and our fancy flat screen tv has Pee Wee’s Playhouse! Yay!! (hence the word of the day and the yyyaaaayyyy!’s) Did you know Laurence Fishbourne played Cowboy Curtis and Rob Zombie did set design? “Mekka-lekka hi mekka hiney ho!”

John has just informed me it’s his turn to use the computer. Whatever. Married life. Sheeessshh.



Here’s the view from our hotel…

If you’re in Boston you have to have lobster…

And why we are here….

Blue Man Group is launching a new children’s museum exhibit which will come to Chicago in January.

Making Waves