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I Almost Forgot….

So we pull into our alley and see that our garage door is open !!! This is an amazingly big deal because we keep a ridiculous amount of stuff there. On a normal day we can fit one car in our two car garage. Right now our garage is loaded with cool stuff, including wedding gifts. Remarkably they were ALL STILL THERE. Our bikes, our camping equipment, our wedding stuff…all still there. And how the garage was open is a mystery. We always watch the door shut all the way when we leave. John has us so paranoid we wait till it touches the ground just in case someone sneeks in as it’s going down. SO we either left it open in our wedding stress-which means it was open from at least noon to 11:30pm or it magically opened on it’s own while we were gone. Either way-wow. All our stuff is there. And now the garage is sealed shut with a garden tool wedged in the opener. Once lucky, twice….
Oh. Now all our neighbors know just how much crap we have. Much of it being stuff they have thrown out in the alley. Sigh. Oh the shame.

ps-I have not seen Cherise for three nights now. But I have also not found her body yet. Optimistic Opossum Lover.


The Green Knight RULES!!

Group outing to Medieval Times. Wow. I will let the pictures do most of the talking…

We were wildly supportive of our green knight. Were we fun or annoying? Depends on who you ask. The green knight loved us though!!

Some skanky MT guest gave Joe a lapdance. Really.

Joe & Joel…

We stayed true to our green knight. Boo yellow and Black&white!

Medievel Times has a dancefloor-and we rocked it…


Thamus Rounds

So I am a little drunk and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls. It’s always creepy when you are watching tv and see a former friend. This one has Thamus Rounds. He use to be a blue man. Then he moved to California. He’s been on Deadwood and obviously Gilmore Girls. And he played a piece of french toast in a commercial. And a crazy guy on ER. Ah the glamourous side of acting.


Fuck You Rockstar Supernova

Really. I mean it. Fuck You. No * to take a letter out so the swear words are not so harsh. FUCK YOU. Do not keep Magni and Toby and eliminate Ryan. FUCK YOU. Yes. I have been frinking. B ut FUCK YOU Tommy Lee, Jason wahtever and GIlb Clark. You all suck Magni and Tob SUCK and yet we are stuck with them for anotgher week. And es Storm is a hot chick and you are down to only two chicks but even though i love her she should ahve gone before ryan. complete bullsnhit. you suck. fu k you and your tour. you suck. I voted for him 10 times aqt leaast but it still wqsn’t enough. thqt fucking sks. sigh. ryan i will now go buy your solo album just to help you out. tommy lee. i have seen your porno. you suck. did i metntion you suck? cuz ou do. i am done with this show. ok. i ma watch onece or twice more. maybe. but let me tell you. i am ashamed that magni and toby are still around. ou cusk.



Poor little Wrigley. He has a foot injury which is forcing him to wear a bootie and now a cone.

Greg and I were discussing poor Wrigley’s cone and how unattractive they were. He thought it would be smart if someone designed them to look like Sunflowers or daisies. That gave me a brilliant idea! Out came the scissors and post-it notes and wwwallaa!
Pretty Cone Flower Wrigley!

Yes. This is what we do at work.


Indiana Dunes Day

Today we had a work day in New Buffalo Michigan. Alas, it was raining and there was no swimming, but we did find brave the elements for some fun at the Indiana Dunes on the way home.


When Urban Wildlife Turns Dangerous…And Stinky

Tonight we have to add a new member to our urban menagerie. A SKUNK! I haven’t seen him/her but we smell skunk in the yard. I am not happy about this. And Lilo is not happy to be banished to the house.

I am very sad to learn that opossums are normally transient animals and will only stay 2-3 days. If this is true, then Cherise may not come back tonight. I saw her for the first time On Thursday and she has been back everynight since. Maybe she is so small she will stay. Plus I keep adding new and tasty treats to her dinner tray. Tonight she will be enjoying cantalope and cherry tomatos. There is also some corn on the cob. I read they like corn.

And I know you are probably sick of my opossum obsession but one more thing. I just thought it was funny,

Question: Opossum Pooping in yard

Answer: An opossum won’t poop all over the yard, it will poop in a secluded area (they don’t like to be out in the open at all) surrounded by at least two shields.

They like to poop in piles of leaves or other rotting foliage, they also tend to poop right after they eat or drink, so if there’s a food or water source left out in your backyard all night, they would be attracted to it. Keep your yard clean of leaves and debris.

I have heard of people having success leaving “predator feces” along their fence line, so opossums will not enter their yard. Visit your local zoo or animal exhibit and ask for a small amount of fox, coyote, mountain, bobcat, etc. feces to strategically place in access points to your yard.

Oh yes. I am going to head over to Lincoln Park Zoo first thing in the morning and ask for some Mountain Lion poo to keep the feral cats out of the yard!!


Chris and Claire were hiking in Vancouver and they ran into a big black bear! First off, the idea of Claire hiking is very entertaining for me. Claire is more Crate and Barrel than LL Bean. But the new Canadian Claire seems to do lots of outdoorsy things. This one including a bear! So jealous. Of the bear I mean. He got to see Chris and Claire. Sigh.


Sad Day

Remember how I said every day I look to make sure I don’t find a dead opossum. Sniffle. Today I went all the way under the porch. It can’t possibly be her because it’s too rotted. But it is one of her siblings. There are so many bugs that there’s not much left. I knew I smelled something weird last night so that confirms that it’s not Cherise. But it is still very sad and explains why she is all alone.
John is going outside to clean it up and look for more. (he’s back. It can’t be her and he didn’t see anymore)
It’s those damn outdoor cats in my neighborhood. Between the people who let their cats outside for fun and the numerous feral cats we are constantly dealing with dead birds and now, baby opossums in our yard. I called the animal care and control people once for a live trap but they said there was a long waiting list to use them and we never heard from them again.
Time for another phone call. Now don’t get me wrong. I love cats. I have two. And I feel sorry for the wild one’s on the street but those wild one’s keep making more wild kitties and killing the urban wildlife and it needs to stop.

please read:this

Here’s a snippet:

Wildlife Fact Sheets

Cats & Wildlife

What comes to mind when you think about the problems confronting wildlife? How about oil spills, or poisons in the environment, or the possibility of being shot or hit by cars? All these factors certainly impact wild animals, but there is another danger that accounts for numerous wildlife injuries and deaths every single day.

Domestic cats represent a major threat to wildlife in urban, suburban, and even rural areas. Many cat owners are unaware of the dangers their feline companions pose to other animals. There are many myths surrounding cats and wildlife. The following questions and answers address those misunderstandings and are intended to provide helpful information to people who care about wildlife.

Do cats really injure and kill a significant number of wild animals? Yes. In one study, wildlife rehabilitators in Washington State reported that 17% of the animals in their care were injured by cats (compared to 2% hit by cars or 1% poisoned), and that accounts only for those cat-attacked animals taken to rehabilitation centers.