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In Her Sucks…

Sucky movie number two…In Her Shoes
Good lord did I chose the wrong two movies from Netflix. No amount of fast forwarding or drinking is going to make this better. Jesus Christ, how many movies can someone be expected to watch with Cameron Diaz in her panties? Her entire acting career is based on her dancing around in her underwear, walking around in her underwear. (i am really debating the choice of the word underwear or panties-tough one) Except for Shrek. There we just have to listen to her annoying little voice. And Justin Timberlake. What the hell is he thinking? If he had stayed with Brit she would not be the chunky piece of trash she now is. He could have saved her. But then again he is so lame that his new album is called “FutureSex/LoveSounds.” EEEEEWWWWWW
Ugh! Shirley McClaine is in this one too! There is no escaping her. See next but really the last post. But I have this video she made in the 90’s called the Inner Workout. I don’t think I have ever watched it but now that I am looking up a fun link to add to this rather drunken blog I see that the reviews are really positive. Maybe I should try to dig it up out from under the rummage sale pile and watch it. I could probably use some chakra alingment right about now. Much more than I could use the crappy relaxation being offered by this god awful piece of crap film.

oh. Final complaint about this movie. size 8 Toni Collette is supposed to be fat. mmmmhhhhmmmm. Reminds me of college where my college finally did a show with a fat character and instead of casting a fat girl they cast a skinny girl and put her in a fat suit. Whatthefuckever.


Rumor has it…

That this movie sucks balls. I’m sorry. It’s not a rumor. It’s the truth. This movie is awful. Awful I say!

You know what’s not awful? Vanilla Stoli and Blackberry juice. MMMMMMMM.


Grizzly Cam!

You know how I love a good web cam. This one has bears!!


My New Pretty

What I bought yesterday.


Where Fantasy Rules!

Today we went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire . Yes. We went to the renaissance fair. Everytime somebody called us today and we told them where we were they said, “No, really. Where are you?”. But I loves me some ren fest, I really do. I like watching normal people show up in crazy costumes. My favorites are hot chicks in belly dancer outfits, biker guys in leather or kilts and kids dressed as fairies. See the photo above.
I love being asked to try someone’s tasty nuts, or their salty pickle. I love watching people throw tomatos at wise cracking guys in the stocks. I like it all. We sat and cheered for the Mudshow. I also found the perfect jewelry for my wedding. From some store called The Queens’ Castoffs. It’s a little over the top, but I love it. I also bought two other necklaces and this beautiful stained glass and stone piece of art for the window.
Today we also really liked feeding the fish in the pond. This catfish was super cool!

It was ridiculously hot, but we survived. And I realized that when I see a car or truck with a bumper sticker that says, “My kid can beat up your honor roll student”, I like the driver instantly. But the weird guy with the bumpers stickers that said, “Sniper-one shot one kill” and “Death from Above”-well, he just made me a little nervous.


Seven Years

The first photo of us together…July 1999

Since then we have added two cats and a dog to our family, bought a house and travelled the world. A few of the highlights…




I think he’s a keeper.


Mother &^%^%$

So starting to panic a little about jr. bridesmaid, flower girl dresses and was doing a little browsing. My mom has been debating what to wear so when I saw a mother of the bride link on the David’s Bridal site I thought I would take a look. i was expecting matronly dresses with little suite coats. I did not expect this…

The only mothers who look like that are the one’s on The O.C. Never mind that the “mom” is foxy. I mean really, how old is this model? Do they advocate child brides in David Bridal land? (I was going to put in some cool and clever child bride link there but they were really horrific and depressing)


Backyard Politics

Today I must do major yardwork-high 90’s be damned. The problem is I am waiting for John to get back from having the new car stereo installed (YAY! No more I-trips!) I need him and the car to pick up the multiple bags of mulch and landscaping stone. I have no problem waiting until this afternoon to start. The problem is I need to stake out the yard for my musical selections before the neighbors do. My neighbor guy spends long hours every day in the yard and entertains quite a bit. This means very loud, spanish music at all times. Last week it was blaring in the back AND the front of the house. There was no escaping. I like to listen to some Beck, maybe a little Guns and Roses, some Modest Mouse-that kind of thing. It’s bad enough being observed from across the fence but if i have to listen to their music while doing it, I may go insane. My other complaint is that a good 40% of the time he doesn’t have the station properly tuned in so it’s STATICY mexican music. I love me some world music, but this is just too much.
Sigh. What to do, what to do. Right now I would like to do some wedding stuff while watching Alien. Do I be crazy and just start up the cd player outside and let it run? That just seems rude. Damn.