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I Pinch

I love this commercial. Click on the link and then the crab. It’s the first one. It cracks me up. It even made John laugh. He didn’t want to admit that it’s funny. But he also likes to pinch. Then watch the Oppossum. He cracks me up too. And you can play a driving game too on the site.
Damn I am easily amused. And manipulated. Because now I want to buy the car just so I can make it talk to me in that voice. Remember when the Dodge Neon came out forever ago (1994)? They had the “hi” campaign? Everytime we drive by the Dodge Neon plant outside of Chicago we still wave and say “HI!!”.


Against All Odds

Finally. The Good-bye’s are over. This morning I said good-bye to Helena and Anna. Tonight-Claire. Whew. I had planned this epic Chicago good-bye for our last night. First we would go to Buckingham Fountain since Claire has never seen the lightshow. Then we would go out behind the planetarium to check out the skyline. Quick and visually stimulating. But the universe had other plans. First my night at work and house sitter training went long. Then there was a huge thunderstorm. No fountain during lightning I tell you. So we were going to scrap it and at 10:30pm we decided what the hell. It was too late for the fountain but the skyline would still be there. So Lilo, John and I pick up Claire and head for the planetarium. It’s all blocked off because of Taste of Chicago! Bastards! So we go on this random journey through the city. Navy Pier where we were chased off by security, the Museum of Science and Industry for some odd reason. Here’s my eerie Claire going away photo.

It was kind of like being in highschool. Except we weren’t burning incense in the car and smoking clove cigarettes. Sometimes in highschool we would just drive to Canada for the helluva it. Stupid Canada.
Anyway. This reminds me of the song Against All Odds which I love. Especially the Postal Service version. If you let it keep playing it shows the crazy pickle girl episode from Maury!


Maybe I Should Move

So last night I am sitting on the porch swing having a lovely conversation with John H. in Minneapolis. During a lull in the conversation I mumbled. “I want a monkey.” to which John H. Replied-“hugh?”
So I explained the following.
While I am looking out a Lake Michigan I admire how beautiful it is but I can’t help but think, “wouldn’t it be cool if it was salt water and there were whales, dolphins and sharks?” I do not think this while I am swimming in it. I try not to think of sharks while I am swimming, even in fresh water and swimming pools.
When I look at the birds in my yard-finches, chickadees, cardinals, robins, etc, I think, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there were parrots in my yard?” One time last year there WERE parrots in my yard! I was up really early and looked out the kitchen window to see two big, green Monk Parrots at the feeder. They must have been refugees from the Hyde Park flock.
When I am sitting on my porch swing at night looking up at the trees I can’t help but think, “wouldn’t it be cool if there were monkeys in the tree?”
When we were in Brazil, John and I spent a whole afternoon hand feeding monkeys. I fed sooooo many monkeys for sooooo long that I got bored. Who would have ever thought that I would get sick of feeding monkeys?


The Chris and Laurie Mix

So Chris is on his way to Vancouver. As a parting gift I gave him a wallet full of mix cd’s and a few select others to keep him happy on the road. Here’s the set list for The Chris and Laurie Mix. At first site, it seems like we are really lame. OK, we are. But these are songs that represent special moments in our relationship. Some of our pretty obvious, but some are a little more obscure. For example, TATU represents the nights we use to like to turn off the lights in the office and watch faux teen lesbians make out in the rain. Alicia Keys was the time we got stuck in New York during 9/11 and John drove from Chicago to rescue us. And Nickelback-Chris likes Nickelback. I feel like I have outed him a little.

Fallin – Alicia Keys
All The Things She Said – T.A.T.U.
Days Go By – Dirty Vegas
Oops I Did It Again – Britney Spears
Missing You (Todd Terry Mix)- Everything But The Girl
Canít Get You Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue
A Million Ways – OK Go
Eyes Open – Snow Patrol
Chicago – Sufjan Stevans
Paradise City – Guns ĎNí Roses
Bottom of the Bottle – Smile Empty Soul
Figured You Out – Nickelback
Since Youíve Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
Hurt – Johnny Cash
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald – Gordon Lightfoot
Under Pressure – Queen w/ David Bowie
United States of Whatever – Liam Lynch
Canada – low
Donít You Forget About Me – Simple Minds


We’ll Always Have Chicago


Take A Bow , Mr. Kantowicz

Chris is now officially an unemployed grad student.



Party in the parking lot for Chris! Click there for the photos.

Lilo did her junk yard dog impression.

And we at BMG just can’t get enough of that Diet Coke/Mentos mix!

And Claire came over that night. Too much wine, too much cheese and too little time before she moves to Canada.


Happy Summer Solstice

Tonights fire soundtrack-
John Henning on the phone. Thanks John.

Peter Gabriel The Long Walk Home Soundtrack

Part of a CD by If Thousands. I am too tired to go downstairs and figure out which one. It was nice sitting by a too hot fire on a too hot night music.

On pagan holidays I like to give thanks. Today one of the things I gave thanks for is Central Air Conditioning. It’s pretty sweet in my house right now.