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Old Navy Lilo

Here’s the link to Lilo’s Old Navy entry!

Click see the competition and view 48 dogs per page. Scroll down to Lilo! I know I am a dork, BUT, I think it’s cool she’s listed in the top 50! I am sure it’s just random, but still cool.


A Very Special Diff’rent Strokes

Since John and I do not have cable tv we often watch shows from way back in the olden days-by that we mean late 70’s early 80’s on Me Tv and some other random channel. Yesterday John surfed into a very special Diff’rent Strokes. The Replay TV guide said it was going to be What’s Happpenin which was what John really wanted to see and at first he was annoyed until he realized that Arnold was being bound and gagged with duct tape by some dorky dude in a bad sweater vest! It seems that Kimberly and Arnold had spent too much money on a present for Dad and decided to hitchhike home rather than admit to their mistake. OH NO! So they get in the car with this creepy dude who now has them in his apartment. Arnold duct taped in the bedroom and the guy getting ready to rape Kimberly. This show was so disturbing not because of all of the things I just said, but because this was all being done with A LAUGH TRACK! A laugh track during the “kidnap rape the young girl’ episode? What the fuck? We see Arnold falling off the bed trying to get the tape of his hands-hahahahahha. Arnold rips the duct tape off his mouth-ouch that hurts-hahahahahha. He breaks the window to escape and runs to find help-but no one will help him! AHAHAHAHAHA. Finally the cops take him back to Mr.Drummond’s because Arnold had been so scared he couldn’t remember where he left Kimberly. AHAHAHAHAHA. So they use hypnosis (hahaha) to help him identify the license plate on the car and the apartment where surprise, the bad guy has taken off with Kimberly. Blah blah, they find them in the basement where he is ackwardly wrestling with Kimberly in a simulated family show rape. Break down the door, blah blah. Moral of the story: Don’t Hitchhike and Kidnap and Rape are HIGHLARIOUS!


Constantine You Nasty Whore Chaser


Another reason to love Mike Doughty…

As if there weren’t already a million reasons to love and adore this man, tonight I learn that he watches American Idol AND he voted for Taylor Hicks.



It’s way too early for Kirk/Spock erotica. It’s all-ages and all-disturbing.

This is also one of my favorite weekends in Chicago-International Male Leather. For about the first six or seven years that I lived in Chicago I had a place right next to Spin on the corner of Belmont and Halsted. Prime Boystown real estate and excellent views of the nightlife. And this weekend was the best-hundreds of dudes in leather, hundreds of hairy chests and hundreds of chaps. I look forward to going to work today for no other reason than to check out the sites of the neighborhood.


Let’s try killed, murdered, slaughtered…

He fought for his life for 5 1/2 hours. He lost. And now he’s a trophy. Something dead that people can pose in front of. Why is no one mentioning what a loss this was to the shark world? Why is no one mentioning that in the name of ego this magnificent animal was murdered? FUCK. Come on people. The stories say things like “landed” and “caught”. Try murdered you bastards. If you watch the video you get the full picture of how amazing this shark was.


Islands in the Stream

If you have read the posts from Tuesday night you will understand that Wednesday was not a pretty day for me. I had to work early and the hangover was not pretty. I left work and took Lilo to the lake-can’t punish the children for your sins I always say-and then had to drive home down Irving Park in rush hour traffic made worse by dumb ass bus drivers. So basically its a bit of stop and go the whole way home. At the intersection of Lincoln/Damen Irving I sense giggling in the car next to me at the light. It’s a cool, alternative rock listening couple in their early 20’s. They are laughing at me. Why? Do they read my website and realize what an ass I can be, especially after too many margaritas? Nope. They are laughing because I am singing Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Islands in the Stream-very loud. I was in my own light country world. Now. I have two choices at this moment. Pretend that it was just a momentary lapse of reason and quickly flip on the radio, or pop in something off of Saddle Creek, or maybe even Wolfmother or People on Planes. But NO. I put this song on a mix cd for a reason. Yes. I was listening to this song ON PURPOSE. Now remember that it’s stop and go for quite awhile. The next song is Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town. Followed by The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia. And let me tell you I rocked them all. Especially those last two. Nothing says rock like the song about a disabled war vet with a cheating whore wife who he wants to kill or the one about the cheating whore wife who is killed by her step sister but the husband/brother gets hung for the crime.


Damn, I love Idol

That was the best Idol Finale-EVER! How much fun was that. Taylor Hicks. You the man. Birmingham Alabama does not mess around with Idol. These people know how to DIAL!

I am tempted to sit here and try to relive the glory with witty comments but its just too good. But I will say-Prince! I believe my exact words at the time were, “Holy Shit, it’s Prince!”