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Kele De…Scares Me Sometimes


Puppets and Bath Bombs and Nitro, Oh My!

So I got back to the hotel at 10:46pm, leaving my friends to their wild night because I was tired and wanted to pack and go to bed. Now it’s nearly 2am. Where did the night go? Try…

Playing with my new puppet friends! At the end of our meetings we were given a cute little puppet to remember the day. I announced to the group that if anyone did want theirs that I would happily take them. I ended up with six. As I am leaving a woman I haven’t really met asked me if I would trade one of my pigs for a different puppet. I felt bad, because while I did have two flying pigs I really didn’t want to give one up. When I declined she said, “Oh I understand. I have kids too.” I smiled and walked away saying under my breath, “but I don’t have any kids. I am just weird.” Ah the story of my life summed up in one simple puppet encounter.

I took a bath with my green Lush bath bomb. I like to take baths in hotels for the following reasons…
A. They are cleaner than my tub (hopefully),
B. I can use a bath bomb which can be messy and not have to clean it up (see A.)
C. I love taking hotel baths in the dark while listening to Low “Things We Lost In The Fire”

This photo makes me question A.

And just when I have soaked myself to slumberland I flip the channels and there is American Gladiators on ESPN classics! Awesome! On a side note-does VH-1 no longer play videos? I swear that all they ever show is Rock of Love and Hogan Knows Best. It’s RIDICULOUS. And the worst part is that I am sitting here watching the Rock of Love tour bus episode that I have now seen three times since I have been here. I am RIDICULOUS. And now I am going to bed.


Honk Honk

YouTube Preview Image
I am not sure if it was the fact that I was so tired or if it was just so damn sweet, but this almost made me cry today. I think it was supposed to be a motivation piece to encourage teamwork but all it made me think was, “Geese are so much nicer than people”, and “wow that’s an annoying song”.


Brad Pitt is HOT

Brad Pitt is HOT
The title of this piost has nothing to do with Brad Pitt. I have jsut been drinking here in NY. These photos have evertyhting ot do with NY though. I am pupropsly not correcting my spelling.

ahahahhhaahahah. Figure that out. ahahahhaha it;s 1:52am eastern time i should go to sleep now but the cable tv is so seductive. except they are now showing some horrific show about poachers killing bears for their gallbladders. Since I am Lolo Bear I find this upsetting. Kumchacka bears on the National Geographic Channel. Sad. But not as sad as the cePPY EREALITY TV on vh1/ should really stop tyoing now. no there’s a show on hbo with the guy from garden state and scrubs i think he wants us to think he’s sweet and natural but i bet in reality he’s an asshole. that’s so true in life. they want you to think they are sweet and genuine but in reality they are assholes. ki am glad i am not single because now i do not need to worry about assholes. goodnight. once again. dear reader. now that i know there are so many readers of this little blog i should really be concerned about what i write. but not really. ahahahhaha. take that reality. i fire another shot in your face.


Fairy Tale New York

Made it to New York pretty easily this time. Checked in to the hotel and saw that there was a Rock of Love marathon on VH-1. Yes the show is a piece of crap but it’s an addictive piece of crap. Luckily it was just beginning and I had seen the first episodes on previous trips so it was off to Central Park. It drizzled most of the two hours that I was walking around but there are so many trees that I barely got wet.

I like how these photos make it look like I was frolicking in Fairy Tale Central Park…

I started hearing music and happened upon a whole group of roller disco people! Who knew there was a Central Park Dance Skater Association??? It was like walking into a scene from Fame. It was awesome. And sticking with the Fairy Tale Theme here is the skate leader…

Now I am back in the room soaking up the cable tv. So far I am not picking up anyone’s I-tunes which is disappointing. But I am here for four nights so….


Look Mommy, There’s An Airplane Up In The Sky

Air and Water show weekend in Chicago. My least favorite event. But Scott and Carol were having a viewing party on their rooftop deck so we gave it a try.


Joe and John…

Lilo does not like getting rained on…

The view from Scott’s deck…

Now I am home and need to start packing for my trip to New York. Yes, it’s back to New York for me!


Holy Mother F&*^%$#@! Tiger Attack! (and a sad doggie)

OK. I know this was all over the internet this week but you know how I like a good animal attack. The version I saw was missing something, hmmmm, what was it? I know! The Jaws Theme!YouTube Preview Image

The story and the whole video can be found here.

And this picture is so friggin sad.

“A dog sits in the heavy rains from Tropical Storm Erin on San Antonio’s south side Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007. Erin’s remnants soaked rain-weary Texas, snarling rush-hour traffic and killing at least one person. (AP Photo/San Antonio)”

Why is he out there all alone??? I do not like this picture at all. Not one bit.


Pollution Makes Me Sick….Literally

During my super swim yesterday I was a little worried about getting sick from the poor water quality. The beaches were technically open, but with everything happening just over the border and all of the storms we have been having I thought it was a good possibility. 2:41am I woke up with a fever and couldn’t breathe out of my nose. Sinus and respiratory infection courtesy of Lake Michigan.
I feel like crap but it’s a nice intro into the crap that has been happening with BP (Bad People, Bad Polluters). Please read the story here.

This is a great article from the Sierra Club site.

Jul 29, 2007
South Bend Tribune Columnist

Some rewards aren’t worth it.

BP, the oil giant, promised to reward Indiana with 80 additional jobs at its refinery in Whiting, Ind., as it obtained approval from the appreciative Indiana Department of Environmental Management for upgrading the facility to process heavier crude oil from Canada.

Numbers are important here.

Just think, 80 additional jobs.

Just think, the approval permits BP to dump an average of 1,584 pounds of ammonia in Lake Michigan daily. Daily, as in every day.

Just think, approval permits BP to dump an average of 4,925 pounds of suspended solids in the lake daily. Daily, as in every day.Just think.

Ammonia can promote algae blooms that kill fish and threaten water quality. So what if the domestic fish supply is curtailed. We get oodles of safe seafood from China.

Suspended solids are such things as lead and other metal particles that escape water treatment filters. So what if they could affect the 30 million Americans who obtain their drinking water from Lake Michigan. Let them buy bottled water.
-continue reading
Price for BP’s rewards is far too high

Read the articles. Sign the petitions. And boycott BP and Indiana. Here’s what I sent to the Visit Indiana site-

“I am writing to let you know how horrified I am that the state of Indiana is supporting BP’s pollution of Lake Michigan. My husband and I use to travel to Indiana to vacation at the lake. This summer we have been spending our money elsewhere and we will continue to do so until Indiana does it’s part to support it’s greatest natural resource.”