Does Anyone Really Blog Anymore?

I am back!!! So over a year ago something glitches and thisisbabbleon disappeared. Server error, problem establishing database-it was gone. And I panicked. And I cried. I had lost what, almost ten years of my life? I tried to fix it. My husband tried to fix it. We couldn’t make it happen. And let’s be honest. I am not great at dealing with things that horribly stress me out so I just kept shoving it down into the back of my mind and pretending that it didn’t matter. And then the other night I was just like, “Let’s do this!” I made Husband John pull up a chair and we just sat down and started to try to find the error. But now I couldn’t even get into the account through my host, GoDaddy, and had to call the customer service line about the email problem and the Universe gave me the best rep ever and 27 minutes later, I am back!!!

Thisisbabbleon LIVES!

Today I am sitting in my office trying to get a feel for being connected again after being gone for so, so long. I went through my links and realized that almost all of them were completely dead or had not been updated for a year or more. So. Do we still blog anymore?

I know this is not a new question because even before my big server error I had fell off the blogging path. Facebook and Instagram stole most of my focus with their quick and easy outlet for expression. But there are some stories that wanted more space, some photographs that needed more pixels. And not being able to blog made me want to do it more.

Things have changed in my life again. All of the kids are in school full time leaving me with a few quiet hours, five days a week. The first week of school was a logistical nightmare in transportation land. The second week I would drop them off and come home and crawl back into bed, relishing the freedom of sleeping alone in silence. Now starts week three and it is time to set some goals and find out who I am at this stage in my life. Let’s see if “Blogger” makes that list.



The Egg Hunt at the Edge of the Woods

We packed up our easter eggs and took them on the road to Northern Wisconsin to my Dad and Step Mom’s place. We arrived in the middle of the night and even though I was exhausted I still managed to assist the Easter Bunny in putting on quite the egg hunt for the kiddos. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location for the event.



































Coloring Children…I Mean Eggs

During the days surrounding Easter I saw all of my friends on Facebook posting their lovely photos of children coloring eggs. The table was clean, the children delicately placing eggs in dye, everything perfect. Here’s what it looked like at my house…
















Thank You Caring Bunny!


We are starting to learn more about the “perks” that are available to families like ours and one of them is them is the Caring Bunny hosted through Simon Properties.”Caring Bunny is an opportunity to connect with multitudes of families that have children with autism and other special needs, providing a more controlled and welcoming environment to visit the Easter Bunny Photo Experience!”

It was great! For the first time in forever we were not only on time for our session, but early! We thought we were scheduled for 8am but really it was 8:15am and we arrived at 7:40am! Unheard of! But they let us in early for snacks and art projects and once Mr. Bunny was ready they let us go first. So not only did we have our private scheduled slot we had the entire place to ourselves for a good 20 minutes!






We are not big mall shoppers so the only times the kids have been in a mall were for Caring Santa in December and a birthday party in February. That’s only two times but two times is enough for them to learn about the Lego Store! They were very excited to go so after Caring Bunny we played in the kids indoor playground and walked around until it was finally 10am and time for the Lego Store to open!


The doors should be open!

But they were not. So we waited…

And waited!
Finally the woman came out to tell us that the stores opened at 11am! Oh the disappointment! We had killed time for 90 minutes and there was no way we could survive another hour in the mall. There were lots of tears but we told them that we would go for a ride and come back. Here is disappointed Canyon and River waiting while I got coffee..


So we made it out to the van and I ran into Target while John took the kids to get gas and then it was finally 11am!


One of the cool things about our kids is that so far they haven’t realized that you can buy things at The Lego Store. They kind of see it as a play space. But that doesn’t mean Canyon doesn’t try to convince us to buy him things…


Nice try, Kid!


Such Singing In the Magnolia




At our house here in Chicago we celebrate the arrival of Spring with the blooming of our Magnolia tree. This year she flowered early and since we know our time with the blossoms is short we spend every opportunity admiring her pink beauty. One morning I got up at 5:45am and watched how the light changed as the sun rose. One by one the kids joined me and were fully entertained with the view. This morning Canyon got up and went straight to the window and started his day with the tree all on his own.

And when we are outside on beautiful spring days and I hear the signing of birds I think of this poem. And I know the bird in these photos is not a thrush but these are the little ones who chirp madly at me each day demanding that I fill the feeder!


Such Singing in the Wild Branches
By Mary Oliver

It was spring
and I finally heard him
among the first leaves––
then I saw him clutching the limb

in an island of shade
with his red-brown feathers
all trim and neat for the new year.
First, I stood still

and thought of nothing.
Then I began to listen.
Then I was filled with gladness––
and that’s when it happened,

when I seemed to float,
to be, myself, a wing or a tree––
and I began to understand
what the bird was saying,

and the sands in the glass
for a pure white moment
while gravity sprinkled upward

like rain, rising,
and in fact
it became difficult to tell just what it was that was singing––
it was the thrush for sure, but it seemed

not a single thrush, but himself, and all his brothers,
and also the trees around them,
as well as the gliding, long-tailed clouds
in the perfect blue sky–––all of them

were singing.
And, of course, so it seemed,
so was I.
Such soft and solemn and perfect music doesn’t last

For more than a few moments.
It’s one of those magical places wise people
like to talk about.
One of the things they say about it, that is true,

is that, once you’ve been there,
you’re there forever.
Listen, everyone has a chance.
Is it spring, is it morning?

Are there trees near you,
and does your own soul need comforting?
Quick, then––open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song
may already be drifting away.




Some People Are Worth Melting For

Last night I surprised River with a trip to the United Center for Disney’s Frozen on Ice. She wore her Elsa dress and I braided my hair like Anna and put on an Anna-esque top. We brought our Olaf. Yes. We were kind of adorable.


And we were on a tight budget so we used the Chicago Public School’s discount coupon for $15 tickets. Which placed in section 315 all the way up in the rafters. The stairs leading up were so steep and narrow that I actually worried for our safety. But we made it to the top-second to last row in our section and made our way to the middle seats. I was afraid River would be disappointed with our view but she was enthralled to be there.


Yes, these were definitely the cheap seats but the families in our section were not complaining. The row behind us unpacked bags of snacks and drinks and at one point I swear I heard someone say, “pass the sour cream.” The two little girls to our right were so freaking excited and belted out every song and encouraged River to do the same. River and I handed out glow stick bracelets to all the kids we could reach. Such joy , appreciation and gratitude for a gift I bought for 15 for a dollar!

The show was fun, even from such great heights.


The benefit of that vantage point was that you could see all the projections on the ice and the full view of all of the skaters. River loved loved loved it. I enjoyed singing along with all the kids and laughing at how enthusiastic they were. When the wolves came out the girls behind us were screaming, “LOOK OUT! WOLVES! BAD WOLVES!” There was a lot of cheering and screaming and talking and nobody cared or complained. We were all just having fun with our kids and letting them be kids.


Then intermission came and River announced that she was done and wanted to come home. I was suspicious of this. I didn’t mind going home but I didn’t want to walk all the way around the building, down to the first floor and then have her change her mind. I asked her over and over if she was sure and she insisted that she wanted to go home and have French fries. So we packed up all our stuff and said goodbye to our friends and started the trek out. It took forever but we got to the parking lot door AND SHE ANNOUNCED THAT SHE WANTED MORE SHOW. No amount of trickery was going to get her to leave so we started hiking back around to our section. I tried to crash the first floor section and we watched from a perfect vestibule for about 8 minutes-just long enough to see the big snow monster and trolls-before we were kicked out by the ushers. We tried one more section and no amount of begging and explaining that there was not that much show left and I couldn’t stand the thought of trying to drag my three year old back to the roof tops was going to buy us any more time.

Getting back up this late in the show was challenging. I was hot, frustrated and almost in tears and now we had to climb back up to the top. We finally got to our section and again I asked an usher if we could just stand there so I didn’t have to climb the treacherous stairs, in the dark, with a three year old in a long dress. No. Either go back to our seats or leave. Damnit. I tried to see in the darkness where our seats were and if they were even still available. And then it happened.

Everyone who we had given the glow sticks to started waving them at us, directing us back to our open seats. They cheered our return, so happy we came back. Nobody complained that we had to climb over them to get back to our seats. It was such a great moment. “You’re back!” “We were sad that you left!”


When the show was over we were all smiles and every one complimented each other.

“You’re dress is beautiful!” “Your singing was amazing!” “You made the show!” “What great kids you have!” One of the Dad’s turned to me “You have Anna braids! You need the white streak!” Me-“The streak! How could I forget?!” We all laughed. “I am so glad you guys came back!”

We came to the show, just the two of us, and by the end it was like we left with 20 new friends.

And then we went home and had French fries.


Message in a Shell

On the Autumn Equinox Lilo and dropped the kids at school and headed over to Fullerton Woods, a small section of Forest Preserve in Cook County.

I had been to the preserve a few days earlier but the trail to the river was completely washed out and the mosquitoes were so fearsome that we would have been forced to turn back even if the path was clear.

Lilo and I decided to try our luck and we made our way down the trail. The leaves were really starting to turn and I was giddy with the new colors on the landscape. I started creating a bouquet of autumn leaves and was scouring the ground for new additions and looking up into the trees, searching for the source of bird songs and admiring the way the sun filtered through the forest.

Now the water had receded, leaving the trail covered in soft black mud and a path of sticks and branches caught among the trees. Little Lilo sunk a bit into the mud as she crossed so I moved further up and took my time balancing on the scattered wood to get across. As I was carefully maneuvering through the muck I looked down and saw a large snail shell.


Something new to gather! How exciting! I carefully placed the shell in my pocket and for the rest of our walk was conscious of it’s fragile presence, adjusting how I moved and bent to pick up other fallen treasures-autumn leaves, acorns, spiky burr oak acorn tops and stones. These precious items would go on display in my home and might make their way into nature crafts with the kids. But this single snail shell? That was special.


We walked along the river for a bit.


Lilo Jean the Autumn Queen!



Then it was time to go and we began to back track through our steps. And as I stepped back through the branches and driftwood I saw another snail shell! And then another! And another! They were everywhere! I started to gather them in a bit of plastic bag I had in my pocket and by the time we reached solid ground I had about twenty. TWENTY! It was the exact same path and I had walked just 30 minutes before. How had I missed them?

Because I didn’t know that I was looking for them.

So here is where I move past “oooh tree pretty!” to “oooh deep philosophical thoughts!”

I didn’t see the shells because I didn’t know I was looking for them. Maybe I was missing other great things in my life because I wasn’t being specific with what I want? I know these are not original thoughts. There is “Law of Attraction”, “The Secret” like attracts like, positive energy attracts positive energy, it depends on what wolf you feed, etc.

And I have this quote framed on canvas in my bedroom-

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

So what will my magic be? What do I want more of in my life? When I am truly present and happy and engaged what is involved?

That is easy.

My family. Nature. Photography. Being of Service.

These are the things that ignite my soul. I invest a great deal of my energy into my family and being in nature. I take photos every single day. I volunteer quite a bit. Now how to put them all together in to something that will help my family financially. I have not had to have a “real job” since December of 2008 but we can’t sustain that much longer. I need to focus more on my photography business because taking photographs, capturing moments and making people smile is what thrills me. I love the comments I receive on my nature work. I love it when someone sends me a message about how my work and words inspire them. I love visiting a home and seeing my art on the walls. I love getting holiday cards with the images I captured. I love it all.

This is what I am putting out to the Universe. I want to use photography and my experiences as a woman and mother to inspire and support others. I want to help people capture the magic in the everyday and the special occassions. I want to make a living through photography.

Here I go! If you want to follow along please like my photography page-


(and yes, I really did get excited over a dirty old snail shell!)




So Michelle and Carrie have inspired me to dust off the blog and attempt to start writing again. It’s hard. It’s hard to make time. I feel like it is hard enough to get out and do interesting, blog worthy things or think interesting, blog worthy thoughts let alone find time to put those things and thoughts out into the world in a written form. Lately Instagram is where I share my world. I love photography and am very proud of the world I am curating on my Instagram. Wait. What? You are not following me on Instagram? Fix that. Here I am-lviets.
And here’s an example of what I do instead of writing. One day River, Raven and I “wasted” several hours just running around a random forest preserve, playing in the leaves, walking in the woods and creating temporary magic with chalk and leaves. Totally perfect.